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Klaus's New Year's speech: We are jealous of one another, we do not believe you

The President also called for a return to traditional values ??and national cohesion. In conclusion speech declared partial amnesty.

Dear fellow citizens,

Let me take you from the Prague Castle on the first day of 2013, as every year and greet the coming twelve months, wish you health and happiness in their personal lives and our country's political and economic stability and much needed unity of citizens.

Throughout the past decade, I have this day come to his office with a completely exceptional feeling.Not because it is full of cameras, equipment and television workers, but because the first day of the year - perhaps more than any other - is perceived as something special. We believe that closed one chapter of our lives and the beginning will be different and better. This hope is needed. Therefore, I made a speech in the New Year always trying to find a grain of realistic optimism. Start the new year with renewed energy and a new effort is better than contributing to the spread of bad moods.

Despite all the problems that accompany us right now, enduring no disaster. Materially we live in a state as none of the generations of our ancestors knew. For several years, however, have stalled, which people feel different and whispers bad mood and arrogant self-appointed saviors are trying to use it for your goals.

Let's take care of it. These people for real improvement of life in our country can not. They want to increase unrest and questioning of our democratic political system.The vast majority of us - unlike them - parliamentary democracy greatly appreciated. Still live among us, those who work for democracy and our republic risked their lives.

In all, much legitimate criticism let you know basic facts. Performance of our economy, that is what we have in the last ten years produced, distributed and consumed a rose by 35 percent, about one-third, which is more than the long-term historical average.

Yet it was when I uttered my first New Year's speech seemed hopeful.While shopping malls are now bigger and more fulfilling, but we're not satisfied. This is our sense of atmosphere created in the country, unexpected and not too nice events on the political scene, as - among others - showed last week before Christmas, and different trends within this ten-year period.

In the first half we ran at a relatively rapid economic growth, now somewhat life and work. In the second half there to stop him.That similarly stand still and many other European countries, the reason for any pleasure or schadenfreude in anyone is not reasonable and can not be.

Ten years ago, the battle between the government and opposition in a democratic world dimension usual. The same was with the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Was such as it is in any free country, where joy and satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not mandatory is forbidden.

Today the situation is different. Between the government and opposition and bound her or her competing initiatives and protest movements is dug deep and stillmore widening moat. I degree of individual discontent and civil defiance exceeded the normal limit. These are undeniable facts as well as what we call statistical yearbook.

Did not happen by accident. We can not pull together. We are looking for the easiest and appealing short term solution. Jealous of one another. We do not believe you. The government has only a small majority, is inconsistent and unstable. This makes a lot of trouble with herself. The opposition is negativistic, inconclusive and does not offer realistic solutions to problems.The public is being continuously bombarded by media reports and catastrophic becoming apathetic and disinterested. Like mushrooms grow extremely populist, the solution did not provide initiatives that could get by with a cheap and mostly superficial criticism. Unrest among us and brings the European debt crisis and falling behind in competition with those countries that Europe not long ago for its competitor did not at all. These are countries where it is still working hard.

The economy is braked weight of domestic, ie ourselves created bureaucratic controls, down to the last detail intervening commands and prohibitions and completely intolerable number of every detail required for papers and stamps. What you put on your invent yourself standing on a huge base of various mandatory European rules and standards that a healthy market environment and common sense often do not have much in common.

That's not all. Despite a slowdown or complete cessation of economic growth continues to be regarded as self-evident as if the concept of legitimacy ever-increasing demands of all kinds and for all, and their separation from
work and performance. This can not be ensured unless the debt.

The causes of all look for in our thinking, loss of respect for honest work, degradation in deep reverence, culture and behavior of ourselves and the world around us in the uncritical admiration for superficiality, pomp and pleasing gestures and discouragement these phenomena correctly identify andexpose to vulgar criticism and attacks, that current electronic age of doing so

Making a change is not and will not be easy. It does not ensure better or worse choice for president, deputies and senators, governors and mayors. Lead to the replacement of one or more ministers. They all may work better or worse than the previous one, and may be applied to the first, but real change can only bring things far more fundamental - a return to the good old values, traditions, habits, but also obligations which under the slogan of modernity and progress so irresponsibly belittles and leaving.Let's get into this type of change as soon as possible. They have the advantage that it can make each start with himself.

Let us not forget what is so important in every difficult time, and it is to maintain our national cohesion and within the natural solidarity and a sense of responsibility for others: within families, within communities, within the state. In a rapidly changing world, no greater certainty than this we do not. On New Year's resolution to give. Let's take every man for himself at least this one and do a little something every day to make more than an unfulfilled wish.

Dear fellow citizens, today marks the 20th anniversary since the world map appeared independent Czech Republic. Let me finish before his speech announced that I decided to mark this anniversary announce partial amnesty, which will come into force on 2 January. The exact wording at the moment is given on our website.

Let me tell you as president of this place last wish success and good year!

Vaclav Klaus, President of the Republic New Year's speech, Prague Castle, 1st January 2013

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