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Buying a car can turn into a nightmare. How to proceed?

In recent years, the prices of used cars are still approaching. The difference between the purchase by owner, car imports from abroad and the bazaar is minimal. Cursory research on the internet says it all: ten, twelve years old Fabia you can buy for some 35 to 40 thousand in the ad bazaar. A price differences are blurred even more expensive models.

Purchasing a vehicle ad at first glance appears to be value for money, because it is a trade without intermediaries. But it is also the riskiest. Too advantageous offer should be a clear warning for every impulse and to invite you to visit an experienced car mechanic.

The lure of low prices is a powerful weapon and scammers who are selling a car when trying to disguise some serious defects or attempting to sell a stolen car or car leasing nedoplaceným about it very well.

Advertisements are full of cars that refused autobazaar in the purchase, either because of their technical condition or due to suspect that there is something wrong with the speedometer. Caution is therefore entirely appropriate.

Important questions

How do you know that the owner of the vehicle is not in execution and that the car will come in a week executor? That the seller is really the owner? And as I'm with him for some time to solve problems as totally disabled vehicle or a finding that is after hard crash?

If, despite the high risk to decide to look for a car advert, it is good to maintain certain practices. "First of all, you should know that whoever you car offers is really the owner, and if it has all the necessary documents, a technical licenses, ideally also service book and manual.Another question should be directed to accidents, "advises Thomas Freedom of Auto ESA.

If the car after the accident, request any documentation from the owner of the accident and repairs. This is a lot of help from the garage invoice or photo sourced for an insurance company owner. In addition, you find out how much your car has mileage and also check the internal and external equipment. Do not forget to heating, all fans or air conditioning.

Car mechanic is worth

Buying car directly from the original owner, although at first glance a little safer than imports from abroad or buy from a reseller, but there are hidden quite serious risks. It should be noted that the main aim is to achieve a seller the highest possible price. "The owner will usually not warn technical defects and necessary repairs.Deficiencies will try to disguise nejobratněji as possible, "warns Tomas Svoboda.

If you deal with a broker, watch out for the information of the previous owner. Fraudsters who cover the actual condition of the vehicle, often use the story that the original owner is a police officer or an older lady who almost did not go with the car. They try to add credibility and allow the car with that man at the mention of police or harmless woman naturally loses the original alert.

At the second meeting with the owner vyhlédnutého car is definitely worthwhile to take with you and the car mechanic thoroughly through. Focus first on the signs of possible accidents or major repairs, which could mean impaired driving properties, and thus the risk of further accidents. An experienced mechanic should such marks without any problems uncovered.

Important contracts are purchasing a vehicle. If the owner is prepared, have your lawyer is to check that the car after the signing of the contracts was really yours. Check if the car is stolen or has been used as security for a loan, you probably fail.
It maybe legal or proprietary load or undetected defects are the biggest risk in buying a car ad.

Yahoo examine everything for you

In contrast, buying a used car in a reputable used car dealer is virtually risk-free. Yahoo is really good building its reputation and sale of stolen car or a car with technical defects would never risk. All cars are inspected, so that the customer need not worry. Second Hand Auto ESA goes by even so far as to give the cars sold absolute and irrevocable guarantee.

"Technicians in a quality used car every car will examine not only technically, but also looking into all legal requirements, in order to purchase a car from us entirely without risk," explains Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA.

The new owner can then be absolutely sure that the car no financial liabilities as leasing or bank loan, and that is not blocked by a lien or traffic inspectorate. In addition, get the service book and certificate of verification of the vehicle.

And we're at the original question: It is better to buy a car ad, or in the bazaar? Car in the ad is likely to be minimal, despite the price difference of a few thousand cheaper. But when we include risk consulting with a mechanic, a lawyer and the time we spend on vehicle inspections as a transfer, we find that the final price of the car in the ad will be higher in quality than buying a used car.

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