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Selecting a used car for Christmas? Here are the procedures guaranteed to discover that it is not CUTTING

Advertising servers, but also many smaller bazaars full of used cars after accidents. Attract motorists at low prices and often successfully.

Polished body does not indicate that the car was cut and many people have no taste insist on learning on your own after that, if a car that had just chosen not by chance after a serious accident. Often satisfied with the assurance of the owner or bazaar that everything is fine and six months later they wonder if they will increase the bill for repairs. It completely unnecessary. The vehicle is the property after the second most expensive thing in the household, so why would his choice should be given due attention.

Than the selected car you pay, it is good to sacrifice a few tens of minutes, and the entire car thoroughly go through again if there is really such a state, as promised by the owner or bazaar. If it is not, not really worth the purchase consideration."It is as if you threw money out the window," says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA, where they have serious defects detection used cars years of experience. Used cars for repairs made by unqualified or poor technical condition rejects presales controls roughly three quarters offered cars.

How to tell if a car had had an accident? There are best practices. "The basic control he should do it every time, it will not take too much time and definitely worth it. Checked as paint, joints, plastic parts, but also the welds on the columns and chassis. If you are not sure, write down the main points that should be checked on the paper, and gradually is odškrtávejte. At the slightest suspicion that something is wrong, ask to consult an experienced mechanic.The owner or Yahoo, who have nothing to hide, certainly not protest, "advises Tomas Svoboda.

What you tell if a car is sold cut?

First Paint and sealants

If the car is not altered or cut any part of it should be flawless paint and color must be the same everywhere. The inspection you will notice dimmer sites that point to additional repainting that covers any defects.

Also check the screws that secure the individual body parts. The original screws are covered with paint in body color. Damaged or missing paint even suggesting that someone changed parts, often as a result of the accident.

Check also the structure of the paint, and touch. If you find any irregularities, was obviously part binding, thus repaired. Take note also of fine lines around the brushes from the machine. They should be in all parts of the car roughly the same.

If you're not sure, you can uncover repainting using the apparatus for measuring the thickness of paint. It can provide experts and be paid primarily on more expensive models. "When buying cars use device. And can you believe they actually reveal any repair, "says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA.

Second Joints

A very important indicator that suggests a lot about the car can be after a serious accident, the joints, ie gaps between body panels. The factory is accurate and equally wide. For bouraných cars there are some differences.

For more serious repair, a typical example of the headlamps, it is difficult to exchange wrestling new parts, so that joints have full length and on both sides of the vehicle the same spacing. If the width of the gap varies, caution is advisable. Examples such as the joints between the fender and hood. Differences in the width of the joints indicate a possible crash in front of the car. For frontal impact is characterized as intermittent gaps between the lights and the hood or mask the car.

"A good guideline is just headlights and turn signals. They are in many cars much difficult, if not impossible, to replace exactly align them, "says Tomas Svoboda.

Fit exactly should the gaps between the front and rear doors. If the gaps are narrowing or expanding the contrary, you're facing demolition of the car. Also check sandwiched bumper and turn signal lights.A good guideline is a creaking door, occurs when damage to the hinges after the accident, therefore, try closing and opening of the car door.

Third Welds

Wrecked car and find the quality of welds. The original welding is mostly mechanical, and will generally be the same size, straight and will have a different pattern. Hand welded parts are usually larger and wider feud with inequalities. The first of the control points can be found under seal at the side door pillar and roof. The seal is only here wearing and can easily be removed. After hitting the gate often crack and deform with, and here are therefore often found after the repair welding of cut vehicle.

"The conflicts in the engine and in the cargo area must be visually the same putty that covers. If the vehicle is manually corrected, it is different than the factory, "advises Tomas Svoboda.

Welds are also important to check on the vehicle chassis, look especially those that cut across the floor. This would indicate that the car will be made up of two cars, which unfortunately does happen. Such car, but definitely do not buy.

4th Date of manufacture

Also carefully review the parts in the engine compartment. When an accident is often damaged the radiator, so if the radiator is obviously higher than the other parts, will again be on-site attention. In the frontal impact is often destroys plastic tank and other parts in the engine. Any such further wears stamped label, featuring production date. If not replaced, the data should be identical or at least similar.

5th Airbag

Bouraným cars very often missing front airbag. His body back under the steering wheel is not cheap and therefore many owners would rather avoid this investment, and the lack of non-original parts airbag masks. Steering wheel without airbag know when the plastic below which should be saved, slightly pushing. If it is soft, airbag will be missed.

Broken airbag should also indicate a shining light. Many mechanics, however, learned to bypass this warning by the airbag switched to another. You'll know it when you turn the ignition key to position one. Indicators should swell and gradually dim. If you go out at once, airbag probably missing. "This check is not based on one hundred percent, because some scammers can already switching off lights delayed. Diagnosis car but the absence of an airbag reveal. So if you have doubts, go with the car in for service, "advises Tomas Svoboda.

6th Minor repairs

What to conclude? Perhaps just enough that if you're looking for a really cheap car, it makes no sense to avoid cars after bouračkách at any cost. But you have to know what repairs are carried out on the car and the former owner or Yahoo You should have a problem with accidents warn in advance.

If it was just a tap, which is solved by replacing the headlight and fender, and if the repair has been carried out professionally and with genuine parts, will not affect the driveability of the car or on the technical condition of no effect. Such a vehicle you need not worry.

Definitely worth a thorough consultation with an independent mechanic who should confirm that the car was really good quality and corrective repairs were not serious. Quality autobazaar would tour with an independent mechanic did not have no problem."Our customers give you the option to assess vyhlédnutý car into own service. For each car we also guarantee one hundred percent with the possibility of exchange, "says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA.

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