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Pension insurance  |  January 03, 2013 14:14:09

Ends the old pension system, by entering into II. pillar, the young people could do better by 2126 CZK per month

The last day of 2012 ended in the Czech Republic PAYG system. Still had each economically active person to send his entire pension contributions for current retirees. Since January 2013 it is possible to divert part of these contributions to private funds. Contemporary thirties by entering II. pillars in old age could get 2126 CZK per month extra. This follows from the analysis of comprehensive pension calculator DůchodováReforma.cz independent portal.

With the impending start pension reform grew, according to statistics independent portal DůchodováReforma.cz number of people aged around 30, who became interested in his retirement. In October, while on a comprehensive pension calculator counting your income mainly people aged around 55 years. It is because of age distribution of users based in October when entering II. pillars leading monthly increase retirement incomes for 1371 CZK. A specific feature of the savings II. Pillar is the fact that the profitability increases with the length and the amount of savings income.

Outputs calculator shows that people in this age of around 30 years, participation in the II. pillars generally better off substantially more than fifties. To his old age pension from the first pillar can gain the upper hand the amount of 2126 CZK. Statistics resulting from the calculations more than 6000 users who have their pension calculated for the first six weeks functioning calculator. "The increase in younger users calculator rose substantially median amount by which the people after the II. pillars could have a higher pension. While in October calculator enjoyed mostly by people aged 55 and older, at the end of November they were strongly represented and vintages from 1978 to 1985, "says Lenka Bízová, analyst portal DůchodováReforma.cz. 'Income from Funds II. pillars but will depend primarily on the success of the management of funds. User our calculator in this respect can only wish that the final evaluation to be 4%, "added Bízová.

Pension companies offer people more choice of pay schemes. Maybe the payment shall be retired for 20 years, a lifetime pension or annuity with a survivor's pension for three years. Money by life insurance company will pay you a citizen chooses himself before reaching retirement age.The annuity payout options insurers will calculate a certain age expectancy - paid monthly amount will probably be higher than in the variant payments for 20 years. The calculator independent portal DůchodováReforma.cz you can now choose just simulation payout under two salary schemes - for 20 years or lifetime payout. Another novelty in the results of the calculator to take into account inflation. This allows users to clearly see how inflation can affect the final yield.

Both models extend users to look at savings II. pillars, which for most people is hardly conceivable because of its enormous length. The calculator shows people of different scenarios that could occur, which brings them fund savings calculator better than with a specific outcome. "The number of users increased calculators mom about doubled. People welcome any further information on the II. pillars. Trying to enter various revenues, they look, how they affect the final yield inflation or salary scheme. Users between January and offer free advice. Will it be able to ask questions on all three pillars of the Czech pension system, "said Lenka Bízová.

Lenka Bízová
  Analyst Portal Důchodováreforma.cz  

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Končí starý důchodový systém, vstupem do II. pilíře by si mladí lidé mohli polepšit o 2 126 Kč měsíčně

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