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Who will contribute to a pension and how much

Most of the people younger and middle age, I can not rely on state pensions. You will be getting lower and probably will not cover all your expenses. Therefore, it is good to think about old age now. You know who you on your savings can contribute?

Posts by State

With the advent of the pension reform and increased state contributions to pension savings. These are contributions to the third pillar of the pension system. Before the end of 2012, talks on pension scheme to which you can get involved. Since the new year, but you can arrange supplementary pension savings.

By now, the state contributes between 50 and 150 crowns according to the amount you payed. Since the new year, the minimum and maximum possible contribution and thereby encouraging people to save more for their retirement more money.

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Post by State

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300 to 999 CZK

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230 CZK

Monthly payment

1 to 299 CZK


90 CZK + 20% of the amount over CZK 300

1000 CZK and more

So to achieve the highest possible contribution that makes 2,760 crowns a year, you have to save at least one thousand crowns a month.

If you start the new year to save the newly created second pillar here with contributions from the state count. Any benefits you but still waiting. Currently, of their gross wages are doing in the pension insurance 28%.Those saving for their retirement, they will pay about 3% less. To these are added a further 2% of gross wages and the resulting 5% of the amount you save on your income in the second pillar.


Contributions by employer

Contributions to pension benefit are widely used Czech employers. These contributions can vary, but it always pays off for both sides. Employer of this amount is not paid social security and health insurance, as would be the case if your employees the same amount increased wages.

The reformed pension system, although there have been several changes, but the method of financing the participation of the third pillar contributions from the employer remains the same. It does not count them but if the savings in the second pillar. It is funded solely by contributions from gross salaries and evaluation according to the chosen investment strategy.

If you can not decide what to choose way of savings, you might get help in deciding the fact that you can count on the support of their employer and in what amount. If you decide to save for higher amounts, can be motivating and significant contributions from the state to the third pillar.

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