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The theme of 2013 will be the fear of bankruptcy

This year will be the main topic of debt, growth or recession, but bankruptcy. Nobody but you will not be called a true name. Will happen to them under the guise of "debt relief" or "restructuring of future obligations." What other agenda awaits policy and central bankers in the unfortunate Thirteen at the end?

Greek debt forgiveness

Outlined the plan that Greece should be forgiven debt held by the public sector (European governments and the ECB). For every euro official creditors would receive only 25 cents, which would significantly reduce the debt burden of Greece, and thus facilitate the fulfillment of the conditions laid down by the Troika. Once Greece such agreement is reached, it is expected that the other PIIGS countries began to seek the same.

Unsustainable public expenditure developed countries

Public expenditures, such as board of the state pay system will continue a major political issue. Governments will be forced to renegotiate pension reform because they will try to get their public finances under control. Those who lose out most reforms, taking to the streets.

More and more cuts

Cuts everywhere in order to make debt burden just a little more bearable. In addition to pensions politicians have "gunning" also on unemployment benefits. Unemployment in developed countries, but does not drop too (quite the contrary). To come out to the streets millions of unemployed who do not qualify for unemployment benefits, not protest against anything other than the default state (the state's inability to settle its obligations in respect of social insurance).

What are the other main themes and predictions that will affect investment, can be found on the web Investment

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Tématem roku 2013 bude strach z bankrotu

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