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Microwave is with us 60 years: But you know that it can be washed socks or save mascara?

The first microwave oven appeared already after 2 World War II, it was invented by an American engineer Percy Spencer, but the microwave as we know it today celebrating the 60th birthday.

Most of us used to free him reheating or defrosting food and according to a survey that a fifth of people even considered cooking. But you know what all can still be useful microwave?

First Sterilization of soil and horticultural substrate

You are about to plant seedlings and need to get rid of soil bacteria and increase the chance that seedlings take root? Put 400 grams of clay to metalflat container and heat 90 seconds or until it will not smoke in the microwave at full power.

Second Reviving dry mascara

Old and was getting exhausted easily revive mascara when you open it in the microwave next to a cup of water. Heat at full power 30 to 40 seconds and you have mascara for a few more weeks.

Third Removing chewing gum

Heat in the microwave a little vinegar and pour it on a cloth and rub it gum. It should come off easily from clothing.

4th Drying herbs

Fresh herbs washed unfold on kitchen paper and then dry for 30 seconds at full power or until completely dry. Then let a few minutes to rest and close the jar. Especially well like dried oregano or thyme.

5th Sterilization of kitchen sponges and jars

Pour a little water into glasses and put them in the microwave on full power for two minutes. Soak the sponge in clean water and do the same thing with her. And for bacteria.

6th Softening lemons and limes

When you put lemon in 15 to 20 seconds in the microwave, you will squeeze more juice.

7th Accelerating ripening avocados

If you bought the avocado hard and you do not want to wait until it comes, pierce it with a fork and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Beautifully soft.

8th Peel off the mark

Do you collect stamps? Just an old stamp drizzle a few drops of water and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, then it will come off by itself.

9th Peeled tomatoes

Peeling tomatoes with microwave toy. Cut them in half, place a slice on a plate and put it in five minutes inside. When the skin is cut with curls, remove it and download it easily with a fork.

10th Wash socks

She broke the washing machine? You do not have enough for a full load of laundry? Never mind, put socks in a bowl of soapy water, put it on 10 minutes in the microwave at full power and you have washed.

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