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A new round of qualitative upokojovania Last week would could call it a week ago the new round of qualitative upokojovania of the central banks. First, because the ECB governor Draghi sent the euro up with words that nobody would not lessen the rate at the last meeting, and then he said that in view of financial markets, the situation looks even stabilized and the worst is behind us. The economy While this could not be said but it did not significantly marketers mind. Then began a new week hlasujúci Evans dovish member of the FOMC commentary, laying trying to assuage traders. Because they were not yet at the end of last year, quite surprised stimuloch discussions on the FOMC.Be mentioned that should not be unlimited and even should it be able to limit this year. Evans now responded exactly to those statements and said that the needless fear. Stimulus and loose monetary policy will be here until the economy will be weak. So you're at the stage, when central bankers in dohliadania above market price stability they need reminding that they are afraid Needless scratch.

This week begins GROWTH feet for most risk assets. Euro reached a new 10-month highs, the economy is again incidental. GS says that the euro should go up, the ECB said that everything is in order so that the industrial production eurozone and Italian markets particularly condescending ignored. Continuing the grave of symptoms and issues of Waiting for a miracle.Nothing else is the euro area, whose growing debt and declining economy does not help. Writing about a new weak economic numbers, is wearing a wood in the forest, anyway, the problems are ignored expenditures so long until we again add some big negative surprise and panic. This is because trading in recent months, or even years. Most of the time the wait less and less economic sentiment indicators can vary, some are already ignored completely. You are crucial to the politicians, central bankers, noise and rumor of stimuloch and summits. It seems that the main reason why they are indicators of multiannual minimách volatility, it is these. And that policy utlmovania upokojovania are enlarged and works.Finally, always add some unexpected events which cause panic, but the political leaders have been increasingly practice in responding to such events. In recent years, as if it was not important what or who is doing, but he who tells the story. If you would crawl on rečiach, the crisis would have been long gone. But she is here, the economy stretches and does it matter to someone? Looking at the share price or not. Accordingly, it is very likely that we will continue to see a period of peace striedané hysteria. And how much more will the political elite (and thus management states and transnational groupings) are satisfied that all have in your hands and can go against reality, the team worse panic attacks seen. Because debts are gradually peddles pot and the solution is constantly nadstavovanie walls of this pot, which is becoming more and bigger. A level is rising in him.And we stand by it, and to pretend that everything is in order.

Shares and gradually moving ahead in creating long-term top, it seems that all have bought and who has not, so just buy it. Capital inflows into equity funds in those weeks was the highest since the peak bubble (beginning of 2000) and was already a pension fund managers or funds zvereneckých wish to go into stocks because they desperately seek yield. Well speaking, the higher the price, the lower the yield.

Cereals for sample data WASD jumped, but so far it does not appear that the trend obracali. Well even manage to rope WTI, where are the prospects for higher outflow of Cushing inventories (although this does not fully represent the oil reserves in the U.S.). Market sentiment is positive, because it takes place in the evening discussion with Fed governor Bernanke.He will be in the University of Michigan to talk with dean, this will also discuss and allegedly prichystaný Bernanke has no speech, that is to improvise. The theme of the course of monetary policy, crisis and prospects of the U.S. economy. We can expect a further response to the latest FOMC Minutes under fear not, the incentives are and will be, until the economy is weak. A weak will be quite a while yet. Sme on some very bad when after that as the Fed launched QE3 limitless in September, then in December it is extended to double, the markets had tranquillize in January.

But U.S. stocks do not have a problem with anything recently given up their encouraging data from China (from a past Wednesday night on Thursdays), which showed a higher economic activity.Ever since, again, we wait and we waited to see the concern for Apple (reduced orders for new parts to iPhonov) and therefore we see a gradual selection of revenue. In the short term perspective, it is also possible decrease to the level of 1450 in the Regulations and The growth outlook is. The goal is still the level of 1475 to 1480, at which the shares always warm up a little while and then they slip down. Due to New Year's rally to celebrate the postponement of a fiscal cliff about 6-8 weeks for a 5% correction in promotions flax was healthy. Because if comes, will come later, even greater. A upokojovanie central banks may not be sufficient.

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