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People with a Czech-Slovak Match pensions will

The Government today approved a Czech-Slovak Match pensions. Respond to the latest developments in litigation. Differences in pensions, occurring after the division of Czechoslovakia, has already dealt with the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Court of Justice of the EU. The situation could solve the new special dose - topping encore.

Entitled to it should be the people who receive the Czech and Slovak pension. And in the Slovak reflects periods completed under the federation, while the sum of the income is lower than it would be time for the federal and disbursed only Czech pension. "We're not just government savings, but also solve an age-old injustice,"says Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ludmila Müller (TOP 09). The legislation, which will now deal with the Chamber of Deputies, sets out the conditions under which people will have to top-up allowance claim. In particular, it is necessary to get at least 25 years of insurance prior to the split of Czechoslovakia (1 1, 1993) and at least one year of pension insurance before 1996 in the Czech Republic was still in effect when the federal Social Security Act. The top-up allowance to be paid only to the Czech old-age pension, in the same way as people receive pension at present. The dose is bound to Czech citizenship.

MLSA is estimated that in the first year of the Act will be matched pensions of about nine thousand people, most - ten thousand - there will be in 2014. Minister Ludmila Müller adds: "This is a significant change in the system by which a number of people for many years now demanded. Pensioners, however, the division of the Federation not pay the price. "

The top-up allowance to be an average month about 1100 crowns, the estimated total cost to the 3.8 billion crowns. Highest expenditure by the Ministry of analysis requested in 2020, when this is to be about 130 million. Most of the expenditure will be financed from the budget of the MLSA. Change in income will be reflected in two acts - No. 155/1995 Coll., On pension insurance, and No. 582/1991 Coll., On the organization and implementation of social security.

Differences in income brought about the division of the Czechoslovak federation of 31 December 1992. The contract between the two states had to establish which of them will be in relation to pensions evaluate periods of employment completed before distribution.The basic criterion eventually became headquarters of the employer on the date of distribution of land. Economy and legislation of both States, however, developed differently, and so in some cases, people these times who evaluated the Slovak side, financially disadvantaged.

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