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I WANT to quit: Learn how to quit cigarettes forever

We have good news for you. The first step you have already done that you decide. They are a one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Tobacco is one of the most dangerous and nejnávykovějším substances that are in the modern world legally available. Increases the risk of mortality and disability.

Quit smoking is a long process, and even though it is primarily a matter of willpower, it is good to learn different skills that will help you kick the habit.

Substitute for cigarette
Find a reasonable substitute for tobacco. The taste of a cigarette is mainly in the first few days so strong that few can drive it just will. Compensation should not be too fattening, so you immediately started getting fat. The ideal is to surround with vegetables and fruit. But you can also use the so-called gum or cinnamon sticks. It is also appropriate to employ hands.

Frustrate your smoking
Imagine smoking as something very disgusting. Look at the pictures and videos that show black and lung cancer tumors caused by smoking.For example, look at the video showing the difference between the lungs of a smoker and non-smoker.

Breathe deeply
Deep breathing is one of the most effective methods to suppress the craving for a cigarette and calm at the same time. When you inhale, the abdomen should expand and invade the exhale. With breathing definitely do not rush, exhale should last at least twice as long to cast. Breathing, focus only and only on your breathing. If you crave a cigarette, breathe deeply for at least three minutes.

Lots of water

Adequate fluid intake is important in any case. For proper fluid intake is recommended to drink about two liters of fluid a day. But if stopping smoking is very important to drink as much water. Water is craving for cigarettes suppresses more effectively than any other liquid or food. Also after fattening. It also helps the body flush out the nicotine.

Banish stress endorphin
First of all, try to avoid situations where you are under a lot of pressure. You will be a great help increase physical activity, which famously combating symptoms of stress.The body is excreted substance endorphin. He is known as the hormone of happiness, because it relaxes the brain and causes a good mood. Physical activity is also appropriate because it stimulates the heart and lungs, the very institutions on which beneficially reflected by the fact that stopping smoking. A significant aspect of her psychology.

"When I ceased smoking, I took to running. Hated me that I could not pass because of cigarettes more than a kilometer. Sport so I really pushed the nicotine habit and I have not felt well. When the length of training increased, it has motivated me to he certainly did not light, told former smoker Philip Horacek.

Antismoking cards
Get a pack of cards and each of them your reason to quit smoking. Wear them together and view them when you have the desire to smoke.

Forbidden pleasures
Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, increase the desire for nicotine. Do not visit smoking environment and places that you have associated with smoking.

Enjoy the fragrant environment
Get rid of ashtrays and anything related to smoking. At home, wash the drapes and curtains, have your carpets clean and scrub the furniture. Have your car clean, wash and put an ashtray in it gum or flowers.

Reward yourself
After each day when endure smoke, or at least you meet the plan you set out to do, reward yourself. The reward can be anything actually, but we do not recommend chocolate or candy.

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