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British referendum on remaining in the EU

Great Britain has long been considered a bastion of Eurosceptics and her resentment to the adoption of any regulation from Brussels is well known. But now it seems that the islanders have lost patience entirely. David Cameron promised a referendum in which voters will have the opportunity to express whether they want to stay in sedmadvacítce or to opt out of membership.

This promise, however, has several hooks. The main one is that the referendum should be held to the year 2017, but Cameron himself awaiting parliamentary elections as early as two years. Given that the opposition disagrees with the departure  of the Union, the election itself will have a kind of referendum. In addition, a process that would allow Britain to withdraw from the EU would be very difficult due to the fact, that this step there is no historical precedent. So it is a similar situation as reflections on Greece's EZ exit. Again, when one country to block enters, already count with its potential performance.

All the remaining 26 EU members would have to be willing to negotiate with the British for their design, which would be very time consuming and also with unclear results. It would also need to get governments built on the domestic political scene strong enough position to not to negotiate with Cameron.

The threat of a referendum so I rather come as a building positions before the hearing on the new conditions for Britain staying in the EU.   Since joining the EU Islanders in 1975, the contract for its membership rewritten twice already and the new escalation of relations with the EU not turn up such a surprise. But the question is whether Britain will not add to the side of other, currently dissatisfied, country and will also require a higher degree of independence to Brussels.

An interesting pearl is also happening in Scotland. The local politicians are considering leaving the country of Great Britain itself, but want to remain part of the European Union.However, they entered into the Union as part of the UK, and now would have to again go through all rounds of input actions and be unanimously accepted by all current EU members. This would provide an interesting situation where one part of the former Great Britain insisted on trying to secede from the Union and the second part is to try to enter it again.

Peg to the functioning of the European Union is currently very popular problematic and Cameron is trying to win votes of many disgruntled voters. Another cause of his behavior can be found within his own political party. Part of the Conservatives is still louder called for greater rigor to Brussels officials. All can end up in the sense that a wolf to devour, but the goat will remain intact.


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Britské referendum o setrvání v EU

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