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DIRECTIONS: What should a child be able, before entering primary school

Entry into the first grade of primary school for a child is a big life change. Changing role of the child, the environment, both adults and peers, daily schedule, scope of activities, demands and requirements.

That a child could handle this difficult situation without any serious problems, it should not only be sufficiently mature and social development, but also well prepared.

Material provides parents with pre-school children basic information on what their child should master before entering elementary school.

There are recognized as educational and training requirements. It should be however noted that the child is uneven ripening, each child may achieve all parameters, but can approach them.

Overview of basic skills, connects and unifies the goals of the family and the school. Therefore it is very important cooperation between family and school, which is involved in the child's education.

First The child should be sufficiently physically mature and physically, consciously control your body, be independent in self-service

The child meets this requirement if:
- Coordinated moves, fairly skillful and savvy (eg throwing and catching the ball, keep a balance on one leg, runs, jumps, in the current environment is moving safely)

- Take off the dresses and fitted with the (turns and unzips and small buttons, commit your laces, wear a hat, gloves)
is a separate locks (used correctly cutlery, poured a drink, dine purely to enjoy a napkin)

- Manages own personal hygiene (used handkerchief, he can blow your nose, wash and dry your hands, the toilet paper, the flushing device, cleans in a row)

- Manages to minor cleaning work (pick up and clean up objects and equipment to the designated place, prepare other tools, bench toys)

- Take care of your stuff (keeps them in order)

Second The child should be relatively independent and emotionally able to control their behavior

The child meets this requirement if:
- Manages to separation from parents

- Acting individually has their opinion and express consent and dissent

- Manifests as emotionally stable, without significant fluctuations in mood

- Controls and monitors (reacts appropriately to minor failure, he can request to postpone to a later time, is able to adapt to a particular activity or situation)

- Is a conscious responsibility for their behavior
compliance with agreed rules

Third The child should manage appropriate language, speech and communication skills

The child meets this requirement if:
- All sounds pronounced correctly (i sibilance rotacism, staking)

- Speak in sentences, he can tell a story, describe the situation, etc.
speaks mostly grammatically correct (ie, correctly uses gender, number, time, shapes, words, prepositions, etc.)

- Understands the words and phrases most commonly used in its environment
has reasonable vocabulary, can name most of what is surrounded

- Naturally and clearly speaks to children and adults, the interview, and respect its rules

- Attempts to write his name in capital letters (Mark the drawing symbol or letter)

- Uses the naturally non-verbal communication (gestures, facial expressions, body language, etc.)

- Together in a group

4th The child should handle hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, right-left orientation

The child meets this requirement if:
- Is skilled in dealing with everyday objects, toys, tools and instruments (works with kits, models, cuts, draws, paints,consists of paper, rips, glued, properly turning pages in a book, etc.)

- Manages activities with smaller objects (beads, small building elements, etc.)

- Hold a pencil correctly, ie third-founded two fingers, with a relaxed wrist

- Keep track of pencils, drawing the strokes are smooth, (traces the, coloring, drawing in detail and gain expression of moving)

- Can imitate basic geometric shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle), various shapes (or letters)

- Between the right and left side, right or left hand (can err)

- Usually include elements from left to right

- Use the right or left hand while drawing or in other activities where the hand preference applies (is usually clear whether the child is right-handed or left-handed)

5th The child should be able to distinguish the visual and auditory cues

The child meets this requirement if:
-Identify and compare the essential features and properties of objects (colors, sizes, shapes, materials, figure and background), is their common and different features

- Lodge a word of several syllables and slyšených image from multiple shapes

- Distinguishes sounds (common objects and situations as well as acoustic sounds simple musical instruments)

- Recognize the differences between syllables (soft and hard, short and long)

- Hearing spread the word into syllables (vytleskává syllables in the word)
find differences in two shapes, adding details

- Distinguishes simple metaphorical symbols and signs and simple symbols and characters with abstract form (letters, numbers, basic traffic signs, pictograms)

- And understands the changes in their surroundings in the picture (what's new, what's missing)

- Responds well to light and acoustic signals

6th The child should handle simple and logical thinking skills and navigate the elementary mathematical concepts

The child meets this requirement if:
- The concept of number (pointing the fingers or objects count, counts on his fingers, he can count on one understands that numeral represents the number)

- Be familiar with the elementary numbers (enumerating the number sequence and counts the number of elements in the range of at least five (ten)

- Compares the number two málopočetných files, ie in the range of five elements (notice the difference and determine how much is one larger or smaller)

- Identify the basic geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc.)

- Identify and compare the properties of objects
sorts, groups and assigns the objects according to given criteria (beads into groups by color, shape, size)

- Thinking, leading simple considerations, glosses, what does ("thinking aloud")

- Understand simple relationships and connections, solve simple problems and situations, verbal examples, problems, riddles, puzzles, mazes

- Means the space-time concepts (such as above, below, beneath, above, inside and outside, before, after, yesterday, today), terms indicating the size, weight (eg, long, short, small, large, heavy, light)

7th The child should have a sufficiently developed deliberate attention and the ability to deliberately and consciously remember to learn

The child meets this requirement if:
- Focus attention on activities for a certain period of time (10-15 min.)

- "Lets" to get to intentional learning (able to concentrate on those activities that are currently interesting for him)

- Intentionally remembers what experienced, seen, heard, has been able to this after a reasonable time, furnish and reproduce, in part to assess

- Remembers rhymes, poems, songs

- Adopt a task or duty specified activities focuses intently neodbíhá to others, can make an effort to complete the

- Follow the instructions

- Works independently

8th The child should be reasonably independent and socially while socially responsive, capable of coexistence with peers in group

The child meets this requirement if:
- Apply basic social rules (health, he can ask, thank, apologize)

- Establishes contacts with the child and adults usually communicates with them without any problems, with children, which feels affection is friends

- Or separated for a time from their loved ones

- Is a partner in the game (search for a partner for the game, in the interest of the game arranges, distributes and changing the role)

- Engage in group work, during joint operations, working, adjusting the opinions and decisions of the group

- Negotiates and agrees to pronounce and defend his opinion
group (in the family) respect given and understood the rules if they are given guidance, it understands to follow them

- The other children behave friendly with respect and sensitivity (share the toys, toys, treats, split the job, noting that a second desired)

- Is able to take into account the other (can not agree to wait, to replace to help younger)

9th The child should perceive cultural impulses and express creativity

The child meets this requirement if:
- Listens and looks forward to the literary, cinematic, dramatic or musical performance

- Deliver an exhibition of pictures, puppets, photography, visiting zoos or botanical gardens, farm, farms, etc.
is able to participate in children's cultural programs, entertainment events, festivals, sporting events

- Commenting on his experiences, tells what he saw, heard, can say what was interesting, it was struck by what was right, what did not
interested in the book has many tales and stories, is your favorite hero

- Knows a number of songs, poems and rhymes
sing simple songs, distinguishes and observes rhythm (eg vytleskat on drum)

- Creates, sculpts, draws, paints, cut, glue, rips, assembles, manufactures

- Plays a creative and thematic games (eg, school, family, travel, the doctor), can play a short theater role

10th The child should be informed in their environment, in the outside world and practical life

The child meets this requirement if:
- Confesses in their environment (home, school), reliably focuses around (he knows where she lives, where she goes to school, where there are shops, a playground, where to turn when in need, etc.)

- Manages routine activities and practical situations that meets regularly (eg is able to handle small note, buy and pay in the store, tell about what he needs, he asks that they do not understand, can make phone calls, arrange for the order and purity, self-serve, manages to minor cleaning work, are able to take care of plants or small pets)

- Knows how to behave (eg at home, in kindergarten, in public, at the doctor, at the theater, in the store, on the sidewalk, in the street, when meeting strangers and strangers) and tries to follow it

- Has knowledge of the world of animate and inanimate nature, people, culture, technology in the scope of its practical experience (eg orient themselves in physical schema can name a part of some authorities distinguish sex, knows who they are and what family members deal distinguishes various occupations, utilities, tools, knows what money is, he knows the names of some plants, trees, animals and other living creatures, familiar with vehicles, knows some technical devices) means normal circumstances, events, phenomena, situations , which are immediately met(Eg weather and its changes, the changes of the seasons, the substances and their properties, travel, the environment and its protection, waste management)

- Adequately involved in the care of the necessary

- Has knowledge of the wider environment, eg about our country (cities, mountains, rivers, language, culture), the existence of other countries and peoples, is uncertain and fragmentary knowledge of the diversity of the world's order (of continents, Earth, Universe)

- Behaves reasonably and safely in the school and home environment and the public (on the street, on the playground, at the store, at the doctor), is aware of the potential hazards (estimates dangerous situation is prudent, take risks), knows and respects the generally basic rules of conduct on the street (paying attention when crossing, traffic lights mean)

- Knows the factors affecting health (smoking)

- Is aware risky and inappropriate behaviors, such as bullying, violence

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