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Pound falls dramatically in 2015

“Akcieatrhy.cz“Perhaps only a few weeks separating us from the time he takes a fall in the value of sterling ...

At the very top of the pyramid sits banks BIS (Bank for International Settlements), which acts as a central bank for national central banks.
Germany therefore can draw from the Bank of England currency and save it to your account at the BIS. Lists simply check issued by the central bank and its importer converts the file to your account with BIS. Usually we say that Germany has imposed its "foreign currency reserves" at the BIS.

BIS perhaps doing a lot of things we do not understand, but we should understand what is meant by the term "Special Drawing Right" Special Drawing Right (SDR). It's such a "compost", Mixed of slowly rotting foreign currencies, which has roughly the same value as the pound now. If you wanted to make it in the garden, you will need a prescription in the composition of 0.66% USD 0.42% euro, Japanese yen, 0.12% and 0.11% of the UK pound. Thus mixed package of currencies is then accepted by exporters if you want to replace all the other accumulated foreign currency.

This "special drawing right" (SDR) allows countries to accept greater amount, say Rs. Countries exporting to India, like Thailand certainly do not want to keep inflation Indian rupee depreciated. Instead, they may use SDRs replace the credible-looking solid mix of currencies. But rupee remain in BIS, the Bank disposing of them, so the value of rupees remains low, which basically helps Indian exports.

Careful analysis shows that the composition of the SDR allows countries like the U.S., and Great Britain and other lenivět over přimhuřují eyes. American or British workers are not interested in producing cheaper than Thai workers in factories, so that negative balance to Thailand Park using SDR and thus secured against a decline in value. Thais believe that by creating a solid foundation for its foreign currency reserves.

Britain can finance its trade deficit, just until everyone will buy British pounds. Either directly or through the SDR. This may take a very, very long time. Standing much longer to British Barracks to raise its collective ass deep in SDR, which serves as a repository for the rest of the world to maintain the value.

Libra has long been the most revalued currency. Its share in SDR reaches 11%, but account for only 3% of the world economy. It is a huge privilege for the British. If you want to create an ad for this financial garden compost, use the slogan: "In addition, the British pound extra large!"

I doubt that it will turn out well, either for the British, or let's say for Thais.

If we consider all global trade, then it should be the definition of its balance balanced. But if we want the American grain, Japanese digital cameras, European refrigerators, but nothing of China and the Chinese factory somewhere they want to save their profits, to not lose its value. They want to compensate for the decline in value at our expense. They do not want British products, they want our savings denominated in the currency.On the other hand, however, it is advantageous for British consumers, allowing them to cheaper imported goods.

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Great Britain finds itself in a situation that its currency is a key component of the SDR. However, from a user perspective, SDR is pound for this purpose totally inappropriate.

If we think about it, what is good and how SDR is to work, and its main purpose is to stabilize world trade that will distribute the currency strong exporters, as a reserve for all others.If the state is heavily export, the demand for its currency and its currency is growing stronger, it keeps the value to those who own it.

In the case of Japan, it just works. Japan is purely export country, and the inclusion in the SDR yen makes it held artificially high. It then pushes to reduce Japan's impressive export performance. In the case of Japan and SDR acts as a force that pushes towards global trade balance.

Pound was included in the SDR a long time ago, whenever the British economy is still deserved. A decision on the Commission carried out, and because since surfaced a crisis remains since the state unchanged. By the pound kept high, it becomes increasingly difficult to export. This is reflected in a growing trade deficit. British consumers due to the strong pound using cheap imports, but increases the imbalance in world trade.Holders of SDRs so overvalued own share in British pounds, and it would be countries like Thailand or China should care because the nature conservation value of the SDR is derived from international trade.

As it goes, so the composition of the SDR changes regularly. Further discussions on the composition will be in January 2015. Since the last SDR holdings, China has become the world's largest exporter and export all states seek to safely store their profits. Therefore, it is stored in the SDR and also directly buy the British pound.

The British would have had to look further developments with concern. Why would members of the International Monetary Fund and the BIS board members should vote to support an overvalued pound share in SDR? Why should the Chinese SDR with such a large share of pounds attractive? What if the pressure was on, although belated, but a substantial reduction in the British interest, or even what heentirely replaced the pound Chinese renminbi.

America accuses China artificially keeps its currency low. What if China wants in return for the release of course replace the pound in its SDR renminbi. When the going gets tough, it gets Great Britain from America support? Or support elsewhere in the world? Reach. Americans want more expensive renminbi, the Chinese currency they want for their bigger slice of international interest. Europeans with a suite of votes and the euro, as another major component of the SDR, will definitely not be upset if the pound falls significance and financial runt with crying back home. Europe slowly begins to understand how the financial world works.

Looks like it could be a general consensus that the SDR should be composed of strong currencies exporters to SDR could serve as a store of foreign exchange reserves and that it helped to world trade.Regarding pounds, that can be isolated in a short time, may diminish its importance and may eventually be completely eliminated from participation in the SDR. Such a development would lead to a large excess pounds from the former share of SDRs in the international currency markets, where they would be interested to buy. Perhaps it will not be very interested.

So with all the usual caveats arising from the creation of forecasts can be said that consumers in the UK should prepare for increases in import costs. It could start early and gradually accelerate as markets begin to prepare for January 2015th Once China will require a larger place in the international financial table, it will mean the onset of turbulence for the British pound.

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