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Cheapest car for winter: Choose by price!

Winter puts extreme demands on the driver's attention, but also on his car. If the winter months much you drive, be sure to throw you a car that handles well any pitfalls winter weather, whether it's snow, ice or slush obligatory.

About what kind of car is best in winter, drivers may argue for hours and just do not get the result. Someone meets fiercer style that can indulge in sports sedans with 4x4 type Subaru Impreza, Audi RS3 and the like, other swear by the calm assurance type of BMW X drive.

"In extreme conditions, winter roads certainly appreciate every one of the anti-skid systems. He certainly did not miss it. In the higher snow suits four-wheel drive and a higher gear. The selection is plenty of cars to suit all budgets, so there is something for everyone, "says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA

Anti-skid system

Czech winter kabrioletům definitely does not want and is not tuned for the spoilers polospeciály few inches above the road. On the other tent on the local roads are not needed or not extremely packed with an SUV with a tow bar, heated seats, and if you get stuck in a traffic jam on the D1, you bypass the independent even without heating.

On a normal winter riding in tranquility make do with a well balanced car with four-wheel drive and an average height chassis. Certainty is one of the anti-skid and stability control systems, and it does not matter if he will indicate the ABS, ASR, ESP, or EBV (ESP - electronic stability system, which control operations helps the driver to handle critical situations, it will be by 2014 for new cars mandatory).

Cars up to 100 000 CZK

Already at this price level, we find representatives of virtually all categories. Prices of the cars with four-wheel drive and some of slip systems start at about 40 thousand dollars. But be aware that you will have a lot of it behind. Most of the cars from the nineties. But you will find among them the real classics, such as the aforementioned Subaru Impreza. There is also a version in the Audi Quatro, older Passat, Octavia or Freelander.

"This category is really mostly older cars that have a lot mileage. Each is therefore required careful examination. I would recommend buying a quality used car in that lot of work to do it for you, "advises Tomas Svoboda.

Up to 150 000 CZK

In the category of vehicles with four-wheel drive and ABS system to at least 150,000 crowns are already cars with production year 2000 and younger. There are a lot of fairly decent Octavia, Audin, Passats - these are but Passenger car, which in the extreme moment slip automatically connects the second drive axle and one quad.

A lot of cars SUV, we will assign a second axle mechanically and 4x4 going permanently. It is worth mentioning such as the Hyundai Santa Fe. I have driven these cars often well over 200,000 kilometers, so the same applies as in the previous category. Rather we have resolved the classic off-road, which is robust and not hesitate virtually anywhere. Eg. Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, etc.

The base is always thorough examination and, if you buy a car elsewhere than in a quality used car, take along a mechanic.

Cars up to 200 000 CZK

The price level of the cheapest cars in the winter to 200 thousand already on offer can find cars with production year 2007th Equipment in this category of vehicles is already at a better level and the same applies to the condition. Even here, however, caution is in place and choice of quality used car, because the raid can climb quite well over 200,000 km.

The selection is fairly decent Octavia, Passat, but with four-wheel drive are being joined by new brands such as BMW, Seat and Alfa Romeo.

Who would want one of the newer cars in this category, you will have to pay extra little bit. Prices of used snowmobiles specials from Skoda - Skoda Yeti starts at some 300 000 CZK, and if you have the itch to be a fancy as the Mini Countryman 4x4, count straight with half a million.

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