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FINANCIAL ADVISOR: You do not work? Even so, you are entitled to a bundle of money. How to do it?

Unemployment is exactly what its name proclaims. It helps people who have lost their jobs, spanning the period than to themselves another job. Despite the fact that this social benefit many people regard as a kind of social bribe those who want to work, it is not.

While it was once possible "to support" survive quite comfortably for a long time. But those times are long gone. Today these benefits are tied fairly stringent and strict rules in advance of the game excludes those who would like to unemployment just abuse. A support and solidarity fulfills its function - the company helps those who have lost their jobs, in the meantime, other than sitting, completely nezbankrotovali.

In the developed world it is quite common tool, a kind of insurance policy that has a real effect. The work may even from day to come each and most people ever really was unemployed (even if it did not receive support). Job loss and earnings would often without support could send the societal and social bottom, where the Treasury and taxpayers came definitely a much bigger money.

As already mentioned above, unemployment benefits are tied for several years strict limits. If you are a candidate for this social benefit, take what the state gives and nežehrejte it. When you have a job, also you do not want their taxes to support the long lazy.

Who is not entitled to unemployment benefits?

Rather than compile a list of those who qualify for this benefit have, it will be easier to describe who does not. About eligible for Unemployment come:

- If you are in the last half year were dismissed for gross violation of his duties or the laws that bind your work

- If you are entitled to a service pension (typically such as a policeman without a job), and this dominion is higher than the amount of support

- If you also need brigádničíte and earn a monthly basis more than half of the minimum wage

- If you are receiving a pension

- If you are receiving sick pay

- If you are in custody

If you are not one of the above does not apply, you probably have to claim unemployment benefits. However, there are substantial additional exceptions that we will discuss below ...

Conditions for obtaining support

In addition, the applicant for assistance must live in the Czech Republic, there is one absolutely clear and necessary condition for obtaining this benefit - in the last two years, you must have paid at least 12 months of pension insurance. This insurance, although you can apply yourself, but it usually means that you have been for the last two years at least twelve months of employment. This condition thus relatively reliably excludes notorious lazy people who do not have a real job long term interest and would like to live just due.

How long can you receive support?

- People under 50 years old can receive support for a maximum of five months

- People from 50-55 years of age are eligible for eight months

- People over 55 years old can receive support for eleven months

What then?

Once you finished law defined period for receiving benefits, you are entitled only to a social benefit subsistence. This year is set at 3410 per month. If not try enough away to get a job and provably, confesses you to become a mere subsistence level. This is only 2200 per month.

How high can support?

- The first two months of the Labour Office will receive 65 percent of their current (net) wages

- The next two months shall be reduced to 50 percent of your final (net) wages

- The rest of the period during which you can draw support, you will receive only 45 percent of their previous (net) wages

The maximum amount of support for the government this year increased slightly. No matter that you have been paid by the employer přechozím be in hundreds of thousands of monthly bonuses, you have a month from the state entitled to only 0.58 times the average wage. For 2013, it's up to 14,157 crowns a month (last year, 13,762, 13,528 the year before).

How do you arrange for unemployment benefits?

To be entitled to it, you must become a "job seeker" in office work. Support you belong from the moment of her writing (feel when visiting the office) ask. The Labour Office shall invite you to support your claim to substantiate. You will need:

- Registration pension insurance

- Confirmation of employment

- Evidence of other gainful activities

- If you are self-employed (self-employed), you must, inter alia, proof of payment of pension insurance

It is definitely advantageous to get the necessary documents. If it happens that you can not get as confirmation of their last salary (employer it is delivered, the company went bankrupt, custom documents you have misplaced or lost them in a fire or flood), eligible Although you have, but it will probably be significantly lower than the what would otherwise receiving. Calculated from the average wage in the country and this year will be 3662 crowns. Then it will gradually decline in 2929 and 2685 crowns.


Besides unemployment benefits, you can also get support for retraining. Again, you are asking for this support through the labor office. You must, therefore, be in his record as a job seeker. The advantage is that the cost of retraining course you pay for office. And you have to pay extra support. The maximum amount is even higher than the unemployment benefits. This year, set at 15,866 crowns.

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