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FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Are you poor? You do not beg, ask the state for benefits!

Material poverty is a term that indicates the state of poverty. Although poverty is a relative concept, but to determine who is and is not poor, it is difficult only seemingly. Law that is committed to the Czech context and quite accurately the area of ??material poverty surrounds. Although ...

Decision-making authorities and officials on poverty is against all other social benefits rather individual. The law speaks of that person (or family) in material need is someone who "does not have sufficient income and its social and financial circumstances do not meet the basic living needs of the level acceptable to society."

But that's not all. People in material need not be the one who is indeed no income, but it has to be an expensive car, television, luxuriously furnished apartment, and on top of that chat.In such a case it would be able to solve their plight to be selling or renting property mentioned cottage. Even someone who does not work long term and does not attempt to look for a job, can not a man in material need be considered. Similar definition is not in the Act on poverty (111/2006 Coll.) More. Compare them with their situation:

Who else is NOT in material need?

- A person who does try to increase their income through their own actions

- A man who does not work and earn at the same time and not even been registered office work

- The job seeker (conducted at the labor office), but which no serious reasons refused to even short-term jobs

- Poor tradesman paying health insurance

- Parent, zameškávání punished for their children's schooling

- Prisoner or person in custody

If you or one of these points does not, you have not only gone through the first sieve. For that you need a little more math. It is calculated because of your income, expenses and subsistence.

It is important not to confuse this term, therefore with him shortly abstain. The Act defines two "low". The first is a living wage for 2013 is set at EUR 3,410 per month. However, there is a so-called living wage, where the amount is even lower. This year, for her true frontier 2200 per month. In one of these amounts shall not include costs of living.

What does it mean? Simply regards the calculation of what you're at home on the table every month will be left of the payment or other social benefits, if you pay rent and fees necessary for energy. If the rest of the money is less than CZK 3,140, ??you are below subsistence level. If the result is still lower and less than 2200 CZK, you get below the subsistence minimum.

The above, however, applies only to individuals. For families, it's more complicated, because the money has allocated on more people and those, moreover, takes into account their age. Calculation of subsistence families and common household (you'll be pleased with all social benefits) get the sum of the amounts required by law for all individual members household. And according to the following key:

for individuals: 3410 CZK

for the first adult in the household: 3140 CZK

for the second and additional adult in the household: 2830 CZK

for a dependent child aged:

- Up to 6 years: 1 740 CZK

- 6 to 15 years: 2 140 CZK

- 15 to 26 years (dependent): 2450 CZK

Individual amounts add up and you get a subsistence level of your family. To calculate the subsistence You can also use the web calculator .

Calculation of subsistence is easier. Does not apply to dependent children, pensioners, people older than 68 years old and disabled people in the third degree. As we stated, the amount of the subsistence minimum is 2200 crowns. So if you live in an apartment must be with an adult companion or species (husband / wife), multiply the sum by two and you get the result 4400 crowns. This is your common subsistence minimum.Putting together two small salaries, subtract rent and charges for energy and remains ahead monthly amount is less than 4400 crowns are below subsistence level.

One more note: the cost of housing and energy can not be completely arbitrary. The state does not care that you take home on the stick and you pay exorbitant rent. The authorities always count on the normative housing costs. These vary according to the size of the village (population), and type of housing (rental housing, cooperative apartment, private apartment). Tables for the calculation can be found in our previous article:

And only then hurray for the office ...

Where the support material need to ask?

Always the social section of your town hall.

What to prepare? What to bring?

First of all, get ready for the tough questions of officials and patient negotiations. As already mentioned, entitled to aid in material distress is assessed individually enough. First Officer with you calculate if ever you fall below the subsistence minimum. To do this you need:

- Identity card (or even birth certificates of children who live with you)

- Confirmation of the rent

- Confirmation of their income in the last three months (including social benefits)

In addition, the Office will focus on your current property. If you need a TV, family jewels, valuable paintings, antique furniture or chat, be aware that you can send home an official with the fact that first you have to get rid of such property and then you can come again. The car situation is not so clear.If you need it for your work or you are disabled and need no car to get to the doctors office you must force you to get rid of him.

The third thing that the Authority will evaluate is - loosely speaking - your relationship to work. You must show that you are trying to find employment. Maybe just by Receiving or are attending to the labor office. The fact that you are unemployed, does not necessarily mean anything. Social workers are well aware that it is in their regions of high unemployment and can also assess how you are due to its (low or high) age or poor employable skills in the region.

What material do you need right?

If Social Union considers that actually falls into the category of material need, you have almost won. You can apply in this case, three types of assistance. You are entitled to:

- Allowance for living

- Housing supplement

- Extraordinary immediate assistance

Living Allowance

Just as assessed individually entitled to an allowance in material need to be assessed individually and the amount that you will become a living. It is possible to cautiously say except for the fact that it should be so much money to their income climbed to at least a living wage. But beware, if you claim a claim with the other adults in the apartment, it may be that social workers striking out his claim. Maybe if you consider that your partner is not interested in seeking a job.

For approximate calculation of the allowance for living, you can use the web calculator . electronic forms to apply for living allowance can be found HERE .

Housing supplement

Again, the amount of any cash is far from uniform and is highly individual. The law also addresses such as isolated cases, such as when a child in foster family inherits an apartment and logically has no income to pay the rent.

To know the interpretation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on this issue, use the linkHERE. Electronic forms to apply for housing supplement can be found HERE .

Extraordinary immediate assistance

The purpose of this benefit is immediate help to the needy. It can be used in several situations. And this:

- If a person does not meet the conditions of material poverty, but they also no risk of serious bodily harm

- If you suffer kastastrofa that you can not overcome on their own. Typically it's a fire, flood, storm, earthquake, environmental or industrial accident. This one-time assistance can reach a maximum of fifteen times the subsistence minimum (3410 x 15 = 51 150 CZK)

- If you do not have the money for a duplicate for lost documents

- As if poor necessarily need to pay overnight

- If you really really need or repair basic durable goods (eg fridge, washing machine)

- As if you need to pay poor child hobby group (maximum of 34,100 crowns a year)

For 1000 crowns emergency assistance you qualify:

- If you just released from jail

- If you are just as compulsively dependent (eg, drugs, alcohol, gambling) released from treatment

- If you are leaving the children's home

- If you are poor homeless

- If you are a victim of crime

The sum of these one tisícikorunových benefits in any one year exceed 13,640 crowns.

ELECTRONIC FORM for immediate emergency assistance, visit HERE .

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