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Prague reimbursed for the work on the tunnel Blanka 300 million, the rest of invoices awaiting inspection

Delayed payments Prague advocates by having to review all the changes which occurred during the construction project. The audit invoices prepared by the company White and Case, confusion arose because much of the required amounts shall constitute additional costs and how costs arising directly from the contract or from its valorization, says Mayor Svoboda.

"I continue to watch and minimizing costs of, as I promised the people of Prague. Blanc Every dollar goes to the watchful control," says the mayor.

Blanka tunnel will serve not only to Prague residents and visitors of Prague. It should reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve the environment.


Due to various falsehoods, inaccuracies and complexity of the situation we would like to recapitulate the whole process of the financing Blanka tunnel complex:

First On 1 Third 2011 submitted to the City Council. Prague then first Deputy Mayor Karel Brezina print R-3677, which calculated the final price of the blanks 37.912 billion CZK.

Second Mayor. Prague Bohuslav Svoboda subsequently commissioned an analysis of White and Case and maximum pressure developed to further reduce the total investment cost of the building.

Third Based on the analysis, the Mayor of the city managed to negotiate additional savings that were City Council. Prague presented in print Karel Brezina under number R-4812 18 10th 2011th This printing quantifies the total pre-investment costs CZK 36.980 billion, which represents approximately CZK 1 billion savings, while another 1 billionCZK a provision is made that the city wants to spend, ie a saving of 2 billion CZK.

4th On the basis of this material was set the task for the Department of City Investor discuss an adjustment of contractual relations in the spirit of all participants of the building.

5th Department Director John Lamb who first came to the City Second 2012, concluded four months since its launch on 24 5th 2012 after difficult negotiations, the general budget of all stakeholders, ie Metrostav, CKD, IDS, planners and lawyers amendments thereto. For the first time in the history of the building as determined by contract mentioned in the press, ceilings price and completion date. Supplements while strictly based on the resolution of the City Council. Prague of 18 10.2011.

6th Supplements not approve any new fact or custom, and certainly did not change anything in the project itself tunnel complex. "Closing the amendments is confirmed by the maximum cost of building material made out of 18 10th 2011 and completion date - nothing more nor less," says Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda.

7th From summer 2012 to avoid the payment of invoices for the construction of Blanka tunnel complex. The reason for this but it was not that the city did not have the financial resources to pay invoices, which has full, but the fact that during the construction of the Blanka tunnel, there were significant changes in the project and management of logical wanted to know what funding is specifically incurred. City currently controls the various changes in the project so that it can pay the invoice in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement.The process is more complex due to the large amount of work - it is a check on more than 2,300 ingredients.

Statement on attacking the opposition:

"I do not attack the opposition - as well as everyone who watches their costs, as well as the city before proceeding to the payment of any additional work beyond the contract documents, must perform a detailed inspection. It is a work that took place well before 2012, so it is at least interesting to note that during our efforts on transparency of building echoes precisely representative Karel Brezina, who was 12 months in the construction of its competence City Council member. Prague, "says Mayor Svoboda.

"The risk of exceeding the 20% extra work really threatening notes were already in the analysis of White and Case in August 2011, which was published in September 2011 on the site of the city and part of the October 2011 Council resolution, so it was about CharlesBrezina informed in detail - as part of its responsibility it undoubtedly studied in detail. It is with great amazement that the Department of City Investment under his leadership, this analysis did not start to drive, so that to avoid the risk of that was already in the time of Charles Brezina in the Council. "

Printing from October 2011, moreover Karel Brezina submitted personally, absolutely clearly imposes ensure and continuously monitor the implementation of constructions City Ring - Blanka tunnel complex Deputy Mayor for Transport. Yet until the end of his tenure in the City Council. Prague were apparently paid invoices without checking on whether you work in them were awarded in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement.

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Praha proplatí za práce na tunelu Blanka 300 milionů, zbytek faktur čeká kontrola

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