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Charms can become sales for early financial difficulties

Beginning of the year is always marked by an discounts of any kind. Hundreds of people visit shopping malls and online stores, chasing bargain and prove how strong attraction for the Czechs low price. Seasonal Sale but it may be the beginning of financial problems - it should not be forgotten no consumer who goes shopping. KRUK Society International in cooperation with the Counselling Centre in financial distress helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of debt just from the region of the new year.

Do not lose control of your spending

About how leadeth business customers and convince the nose is not always well-considered purchases, has been written many a book. Duly on display, precisely chosen lighting, even the music, the smell and especially the general information about the exceptionally favorable prices - all contribute to the fact that people are spending more than expected before entering the trade. Control over expenditure then lose even easier if the UH Board of purchases using credit card and see how their money is disappearing from your wallet. Thus you can easily fall into debt, which is very hard to repay.

Beware of impulsive purchases

A survey by the International KRUK prepared by STEM / MARK at the end of 2012 showed that 33% of households can not prepare shopping lists from more buying. This part of the population can very easily become a victim of the so-called impulsive purchases.

Although consumers understand this problem, it does not mean that it can resist. The expedition to the shopping center, a hunt for bargain, often change a situation that are not always able to control. No wonder, because - according to a survey by STEM / MARK - 50% of Czechs admit that continuously control their spending.

As a result výprodejových slip events is easy to shop in too large quantities and inappropriately. The shopping spree but unfortunately there is no other way than common sense.

Credit card rather leave home

To succumb to unnecessary temptation, try not to take with you to the credit card business (especially credit cards), but cash only - and only in such an amount that you can safely spend. It is also worth before going to the store to write a list of things to do, then go for a situation where the store will bring seven classic black skirt, when he need pants, or other sport shirt with printinstead of quality shirts, which would be perfectly suited to your single elegant suit.

Is it really profitable?

It is very useful to find time to reflect on whether or not another thing, even if purchased more cheaply than usual, really need. If possible, you should check in the Internet that the clearance sale price actually most advantageous.Unfortunately, there are constantly inflating prices before seasonal sell-off, and only in order to then be reduced to the standard level. They may discount that seduces and attract after long holidays, the easiest to shake up domestic budget or even lead to debt. Especially in shopping centers, in addition to numerous discounts seduces a rich range of financial services - relatively cheap and fast loans.

You have succumbed to the discounts? The path of debt is through activity

Even then, if they prove too tempting discounts and expenses that you have invested in them too large, it is still necessary to wring their hands helplessly. Of the many financial difficulties can vybruslit, we just need to start to act immediately. If you have difficulties with debt and its repayment, the biggest mistake is to wait; assets are eventually goes to trial or even to the executor. As soon as possible, contact your creditors, explain your situation and together search for solutions. A letter from a company that manages your claim is not the end of the world, on the other hand chance to resolve the matter amicably.

"The amount owed ??example, you can pay in installments, customized options indebted person. This solution is used by thousands of people who, thanks to an agreement on installments adjust their claims, "explains Vítězslav Piece, commercial director KRUK International. "It's not as difficult as it may seem. Our experience shows that usually lasts a few helpful tips to change habits regarding expenditure and ongoing analysis of household budget in order to save resources and to be able to repay the amount due. "

Director Debt Advisory Center David Smejkal says, "in the case of repayment problems, it is important to contact the lender not only fast, but also seek independent and non-profit counseling service:" There is clearly a saying from the professionals. "Improper counseling led by a desire for fat royalties may significantly worsen the situation of the client. Despite the fact that the client pays for what would get us in for free. "


The Counseling Center in financial distress
Counseling in financial distress (Counseling) is a non-profit organization providing free advice and counseling persons indebted and předluženým, or those who are just going to borrow funds. Specializes in the preparation of proposals for debt relief - personal bankruptcy.Counseling Center offers its free services since 2008 in Prague, since 2009 in Ostrava and from 2010 in Usti nad Labem. The external branch of attending professional advisors regularly Counselling in Litvinov, Šumperk Czech Lipa, Hradec Kralove and Pilsen. Counselling partners are Czech savings bank, building society Českomoravská, Czechoslovak Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Czech Building Savings Bank savings bank, UniCredit, Erste Stiftung Foundation , Faculty of Business Economics and the Association of Czech consumers.

For more information, please visit: http://www.financnitisen.cz/

About KRUK
KRUK International Company Ltd. (KRUK) is a member of KRUK, founded in 1998, which is an international company engaged in the management of receivables in the Central and Eastern European markets.The company's activity focuses on the management of claims of financial institutions and corporate clients. KRUK manages assets of banks, insurance companies, telecom operators and providers of energy and other services. Motto "We help repay debts" is the result of an innovative policy-oriented friendly solutions. Partnership approach to indebted individuals and businesses and understanding their situation are the main advantages, which the company characterized. The aim of this approach is indebted to motivate people to open negotiations with Kruk on debt repayment in the form of payments that may be your present financial situation allow.

KRUK Group are currently operating in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania.

More information about KRUK is available on the Web http://cz.kruk.eu/

For further information, please contact:

Hana Rákosníková, PR & Marketing Specialist
KRUK International Ltd., Lomnického 7/1705, Prague 4, 140 00

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