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FINANCIAL GUIDE: How to have a higher salary? Reduce your taxes! INSTRUCTIONS + CALCULATOR

Calculate how much you pay in income tax cuts, how many swallows health and social insurance, and how much you stand or refund the tax bonus.

If you want to know how it will look in 2013, your net pay, you need to know at least one basic input data - their gross wage. From that you get each month, the employer will deduct income tax and pay social and health insurance.

My net salary will then calculate on the calculator HERE

Our salary but you can still improve. And thus, if you forget to deduct various items from the tax base.

What can we deduct from taxes?

Mortgages and building savings

If you have a mortgage or a loan from a building society (plain and bridging), you can deduct from the tax base up to three hundred thousand crowns a year: which means a tax cut to forty five thousand. The tax base but you can only reduce the interest paid, not the total amount of the payments. If you have several loans, the amount you paid for the purposes of deducting interest add up. If you repay the loan until a certain part of the last year, applies to your deduction limit of twenty-five thousand per month repayment.
Do not forget to attach a tax return confirmation of how much you paid in interest last year. Banks and building societies clients you usually circulated at the beginning of the year. If you come, you have to apply for it.

Pension plans

Since the tax base for the year 2012, you can also deduct contributions that you paid last year for pension insurance. This is true but only for contributions totaling more than six thousand per year. The maximum deduction amounts to twelve thousand. To reach it, you must therefore this amount to your savings account per year saved. The state in which case you will return (or subtracting) a year in 1800 crowns. Remember, however, that in the mentioned sum of twelve thousand five hundred is not counted from each monthly deposit - the amount on which state you received an allowance of five hundred crowns a month. Which makes for a total of six thousand. This means that your savings account for you to insert the six thousand more - a minimum of eighteen thousand crowns.If your monthly contributions together this digit can not, you most pension funds, respectively, today transformed funds take advantage of this amount once the insert and the maximum deduction from the tax base to provide.

Life Insurance

If you pay life insurance, you can deduct from the tax base to twelve thousand. Even in this case, must be the money that you have paid for themselves. Any employer contributions can not be deducted, simply because they were not taxed - and you can not apply the same benefit twice.
The minimum sum insured

The minimum sum insured reaches

for contracts with an insurance period of 5 to 15 years 40 000 CZK
for contracts with an insurance period of 15 years and over 70 000 CZK
the pension insurance for the minimum amount of insurance considered appropriate lump sum benefit at maturity


If you increase the skills and the education process fold test verifying results of continuing education, you can deduct the cost of it from taxes. In practice, it is primarily the completion of courses or training. The maximum amount of the tax deduction for education reaches ten thousand per year. For people with disabilities, and thirteen thousand severely disabled fifteen thousand. Remember, however, that the tax deduction for education can be used only if the employer does not pay it to you and do not make it in expenditures (costs) as a self-employed person.

Donations and Charity

Those who contribute to charitable purposes, the state is willing to relieve a little kindness from tax liability. If you contribute to the purposes which are defined by law (except charity here also includes ecology, education and culture), you may be income tax on this amount reduced. The condition is that the total value of your donations during the year amounted to at least one thousand crowns or exceeded two percent of your original tax base. Meanwhile, for the gifts for these purposes, you can deduct up to one tenth of the original tax base.

Posts unions

In case you are a union member and pay your fees, you can get them from the tax base also read: upper limit of reading is set at 1.5 percent of annual taxable income, while 3000 crowns.

Discount on taxpayer

This discount can be applied by anyone who submitted a tax return or for whom it provides a tax advisor or employer. The discount amounts to a taxpayer for the taxable period of 2012 exactly 24,840 crowns. This is the annual amount that will be nerozpočítává per month, you can therefore apply the same amount, even if you had a taxable income of only part of the year.

Discount on wife or husband

This tax credit can be claimed in the event that the proceeds of your legal partner in the taxation year (ie 2012) amounted to less than 68 thousand. This applies to be where your husband was unemployed or if your wife was on maternity leave. Deduct from the taxes you maximum 24,840 crowns. The discount can also be applied for each month (the monthly amount then reaches 2070 dollars).The condition is that at the beginning of each month will be counted, you are with this partner lived in the same household and you were married. And what is to be your income women can or calculated? Find the answer in the box on the right.

If your husband or wife holds a certificate III extraordinary benefits. degree (especially severe disability with the need to guide, ZTP / P), increasing the tax rebate to double, or nearly fifty thousand crowns.

Discount baby bonus and tax

For each dependent child who lives with you in the same household, you can deduct from the tax for the year 13 404 crowns. In the case of a disabled child, discount doubles. Entitled to a discount, however, you only for the calendar month in which you meet both conditions: ie child nourishing and live with him.If you meet only part of the year, is calculated pro rata according to the number of months (1117 CZK per month). Discount for each child you may deduct only one taxpayer - you can not therefore for the same calendar month with a spouse to apply both. A dependent child is a child under 18 years or 26 years (if it is systematically preparing for future employment - or if you can not study or study due to illness, injury or long-term adverse health condition). If a child's parents are not income to which they could apply the discount can be applied grandparents.

Unlike other discounts with discounts for children, if, after the deduction of the amount of your taxes gets into negative values, becomes the difference to the tax bonus - which will become worthwhile.The maximum bonus amount reaches 60,300 crowns, the minimum amount of a hundred crowns (bonus if you come out lower, the state does not pay him). The tax bonus, however, has only entitled to a man who claimed in the period earned at least 48,000 crowns, which are counted only income from employment, business, leasing and capital assets.

Discount for students

If you consistently prepare for a future career in the prescribed course of study or training, you can deduct from taxes to 4020 crowns a year. The condition is that you have not twenty-six (or twenty-eight, if you are studying full time doctoral program).

Entitled to a discount will not arise in respect of long-distance, distance, evening or part-time study in high school and are also employed (except contracts of services and agreements for work) or you are eligible forunemployment or retraining. Even this discount can only be used for part of the year when you were entitled to it - for each calendar month, it makes 335 crowns.

Discount for the disabled

If you are receiving a disability pension, you can deduct taxes from 2520 crowns a year. If you have a disability to the third degree, it is a double, or 5040 crowns. People who are holders of ZTP / P - or have an especially severe disability, are entitled to a tax credit of up to 16,140 crowns per year. If you meet the conditions of a certain part of the year, you can pro-rata discount applied only for some months.

The overpayment must apply

In case the advance tax paid by your employer and you subsequently apply the tax benefit, you may incur a tax overpayment. About his return, however, you need to ask in the appropriate box tax return. Within thirty days after the deadline for submitting the return will then be calculated amount arrive.

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