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Facebook in 2013, 40 USD or 18 USD per share?

“Akcieatrhy.cz“On Thursday, Facebook (FB) has announced its results for the last quarter of 2012, together with the results for the entire year. Handily beat analysts' estimates, but shares fell on news that the company will grow next year capital expenditure. After the rally, the shares of Facebook have noted this is not a tragedy, no, on the contrary, this last correction appears to be relatively healthy. In this article we briefly navigate the last reported results, but rather we will discuss in detail the expectations for future periods.

Results for the last quarter of 2012

The company reported earnings per share of 17 cents in value, which quite handily surpassed analysts' expectations. Total for the year increased sales of more than 37% for the fourth quarter surpassed the same period last year by as much as 40%. However, the company has to face this growth while increasing costs. However, a significant amount in 2012 was targeted at effected subscription of shares in public trading.

Other important information in the statement of operations for the four quarters 2012th

1) at 31 December, the number of users 1060000000, which is the number meaning an increase of 25% over the previous year.
2) Active users signing up with daily regularity number stood at 618 million, a year is an increase of 28%.
3) The number of mobile users rose to 680 million, representing a 57% increase.
4) Mobile revenues accounted for approximately 23% of the advertising revenue.

Facebook in the future

Facebook over the past few months introduced a number of new features. One of them is the possibility for birthdays and holidays users directly buy and send a gift. What does it really mean? Well looking at profits Amazon (AMZN) from Internet sales is probably not to be expected that Facebook embarked on a direct competitive fight with this giant, but he may start from a giant cake crumbs odsypávat.

Another act of starting Facebook is the gift card.Although the company still operates this service with only four retail chains, it can be expected again in the future, this number will rise, allowing the Facebook again mainly due to the number of users slowly to look after a huge market which is currently dominated by eBay (EBAY).

Another big event was the last year to establish cooperation with the Bing search engine from Microsoft (MSFT). It can be said that the establishment of cooperation of these two giants in the area of ??Internet search can reveal the first real competitor to Google. The Facebook is also sometimes mentioned as a possible buyer of the whole system Bing, but it probably can not be expected in any near term. Rather, it is expected that this acquisition is triggered when Microsoft would finally decided to withdraw from the industry.

The Facebook is often discussed question whether it can succeed in the future development of the giants, which were no doubt as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Apple. The first three companies have achieved in the past their peaks and are considered to be of value in portfolios mainly due to stable redemption and dividend payouts. At the present time, the need to establish such a system is likely to also Google and Apple, because in terms of further growth in sales and profits have both giants probably have achieved the pinnacle of their current capabilities.

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Compared to them, Facebook for next year expects further increases in these parameters in the order of tens of percent. Yes, Facebook is likely to grow faster in 2013 than Apple and Google. Facebook is at the moment seems to be the follower of companies in the past decades were dominated by his technological growths sector. If you then focus on Apple, as the biggest giant in technology today, we start also hint at the possibility of limited growth, which was probably reached. Company on this factor begins to respond to the first three of these giants. Payment of dividends or redemption of shares.It's probably the only way to appease their investors while before Apple can come up with another product that will surprise the market and appeal to a wide range of consumers, as they did with tablets and iPhones, because the current numbers are indeed gigantic, but already grow at a rate of previous years. The airwaves have heard also rumors that in the future Apple could also consider acquisition in Facebook itself, but it does not appear at this point too real. But it would be interesting for both companies was. Apple is sitting on a pile of cash that would buy the real Facebook and its user base for Apple would be a strong driving force. Many investors and analysts have said a year ago that Facebook can not succeed as a company that will gracefully make money and it will be drawn only from advertising massage.However, the company is due to the vast number of regular users who are often on the Outlook environment literally addicted to try almost everything that is currently making money dedicated Internet companies and their customers move slowly downward.

What will happen in 2013?

Let's look at a few options on how they might develop in the shares of the company in 2013. Only for the last quarter of the year is seeing the first positive change, which is estimated to increase analytical background. Three months ago, analysts expected sales for 2013, $ 6.28 billion, now it's 6.6. Estimate earnings per share rose from $ 0.62 per share to 0.66. FB average target price is currently $ 33.5 according Finvizu.The share price is still so huge in terms such as looking at the P / E, looking at the forward P / E in the space already but unrealistic and over-dimensional figures are not, but still seems to be quite a lot higher.

But if you look at a company that will be able in the coming years to grow, which grew last year, then this negative numbers will actually decrease. Space to Facebook thanks to its capacity certainly has. How to dispose of him, and that they retain the favor of their users, however, depends on many factors. A little uncomfortable fact remains that with further growth acquisition will increase the costs and expenses of this process.

The impact of these costs on profits is currently virtually impossible to quantify. Are also high expectations of investors and analysts.Profits ranging between 0.65 and 0.7 cents per share for the year 2013 is not realistic, but it can be said that expectations may arise during the year to continue to increase. If we focus on recent developments take account of both shares and options of development (both higher than expected results for the year 2013 and lower). When reaching the gain values ??in the range of 60 to 65 cents per share, the price may move generally about $ 23 and it would mean the 2013 major disappointment.

If then the gain will be in the range of 0.75 to 0.8 U.S. dollars, we are likely to see the price of 37.5 - $ 40, which gets the company to IPO. These numbers, however, are unpredictable and it is a number based on the current developments. He can affect a number of factors including those that are not related directly to the company.

In conclusion

Facebook announced the final results are in line and beyond the high expectations. Stocks reacted considerable decline, but this is not very likely caused by the results themselves, but rather the previous rally. This, however, creates an interesting opportunity to share re-purchases after the selection gains. Interesting values ??are outlined between 28 and 29 dollars. Looking at it as growth slows giants dominating today, Facebook seems to be an interesting alternative to the fast growing technology company and the potential of this development undoubtedly has.

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Facebook v roce 2013, 40 USD nebo 18 USD za akcii?

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