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How to insure? Three main types of attitudes

Serious illness, injury resulting in disability and loss of employment - what are the risks to which it fears to 70% of us. How do we protect against these risks, we understand insurance products, insurance according to what we choose? Women have a different approach to insurance than men? These and other questions are answered by the public survey, which was carried Czech Insurance Association (CAP) as part of its annual information activity "February month of insurance."

"The research, which took place late last year, was a logical culmination of our annual February activities, which we have always tried to bring to the public a specific product area," says the manager of communication and education Marcela Kotyrová and continues: "The difference in the attitude of people to insure we examined from the perspective of women and men, from the perspective of psychological typology of respondents, we were able to partially results compare well with other countries. "In the Czech population survey identified four different types according to their approach to insurance. 'Czechs cautious with a positive attitude towards the insurance is 43%, pragmatic Czechs, who put emphasis on the aspect of the financial advantages of insurance is 11%. For 14% of incredulous is characterized by the idea that our insurance does not protect as well in the finals, "says Kamil Kunc from the NMS Market Research agency and particular attention to the fact that 32% of Czechs are frivolous and risks in your life you do not.


We actually insured what is your greatest fear?

Although the risks of life allows almost everyone is able to complete 36% of us to imagine life without any insurance. This large group relies instead on financial reserve, but paradoxically, only 44% of respondents have a regular savings. A positive finding is that every man has contracted an average of 4.4 contracts. The woman then falls 3.5 fuse. "Such a situation might seem ideal, but for negotiated contracts while ensuring that the expected insurance protection. In most cases, however, are not sufficient sum insured, "says Marcela Kotyrová. Almost half of the people pay an annual premium for life insurance in 7000 crowns, which take into account, if the investment is also part of the premium corresponding to the insurance amount to the death of about 250,000 CZK. "As the optimal coverage for life risks is recommended 2-3 times the annual income . The same situation exists in property insurance, "says Communications Manager CAP.

Who knows better? Women or men?

Men are more confident insurance matters knowledge. The insurance literacy test showed excellent or praiseworthy knowledge about 14% more men than women. Nevertheless, we can say that in total insurance focuses only quarter of the Czech population. Men often negotiate contracts, on the contrary, women care more about their periodic review and are careful when reading insurance conditions. When communicating with insurance women prefer personal contact, attach much weight recommendations. On the contrary, men always decide according to the information of their own caps.Men and women buried in the most life insurance products, but also surprisingly the issue of motor vehicle insurance.

Czechs vs. Slovaks and other EU countries

In the comparison of expenditures on both life and property insurance in the Czech Republic and Europe is still a considerable difference. In terms of the share of premium costs to household final consumption expenditure is in front of us all the developed countries of Western Europe. The position is also before us as Slovenia. In life insurance we are even in Poland and Croatia. While for our neighbors in the EU countries are the main source of information Internet graders (48%) and Slovaks's advice friends and relatives (54%), Czechs prefer personal recommendations advisor (55%), however, prefer to individually seek information from official sources (58%). For life insurance as a way of providing for retirement is in favor of the Slovak Republic 54%, compared with 38% of respondents in the country.

"An interesting finding are numbers that indicate the dynamics of Czech life insurance market. Over the past five years in the Czech Republic changed provider of life insurance 25% compared with 8% of clients in other EU countries, most commonly due to a financial advisor recommendations, "says Marcela Kotyrová and concludes:" The fact that more than 25% of respondents still do not know anything about disadvantages that entails premature termination of the contract, and let yourself be tempted by the unfavorable overinsurance, shows the need for greater financial education. "

A survey prepared by NMS Market Research in December 2012

Country:                                     Czech and Slovak Republic

Method:                       on-line survey

Questionnaire:                     CR: 79 questions, SR: 24 questions

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