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CR - sales in services in Q4 declined by 1.6% for the full year 2012 by 0.6%

In 4th quarter seasonally adjusted sales in the service of real-quarter decreased by 1.6%. Yoy adjusted for working days decreased by 2.5%, not seasonally adjusted 2.3%. The overall development has had the greatest influence decline in sales in the professional, scientific and technical activities.
For the full year 2012, sales in services decreased by 0.6%.

In 4th quarter in seasonally adjusted sales services 1) real-quarter decreased by 1.6%. Yoy adjusted for working days decreased by 2.5% (In the 4th quarter of 2012 had one working day). Seasonally adjusted sales declined by 2.3%.

Evolution of seasonally adjusted sales in individual service sectors:

- Sales in transportationdecreased by 1.3% mainly due to a decrease in land transportation (2.6%). Double-digit declines experienced air transport (by 11.9%). Lower sales also showed postal and courier activities (by 2.5%). Growth was observed in the secondary storage and transport activities (by 2.1%). Continued growth in sales of water transport (currently 4.4%);

- In the accommodation and food service sales decreased by 2.9%. The decrease was mainly due to developments in catering and hospitality industry, where sales dropped by 6.6%. Conversely accommodation continued sales growth that began in the third quarter of 2010, this time by 3.7%;

- The decline in sales of information and communication activities by 0.8% participated in all sectors with the exception of activities in the field of Information Technology (+3.3%) that include programming, computer facilities and management consulting in information technology, programming and broadcasting (up 16.3%). The largest decline in sales showed the film and music industry, by 8.0%. The decrease in revenues affected the telecommunications activities (by 4.8%), information activities (by 4.1%) and publishing activities (by 1.3%);

- Sales in real estate activities decreased by 6.4%. Revenues from rental properties decreased by 9.5%, real estate agents on the contrary the first time in six quarters recorded a slight growth (0.7%);

- Sales professional, scientific and technical activities 2)declined by 3.9%. The decline was recorded in all groups with the exception of advertising and market research (an increase of 0.6%). Decreased the most sales for business management and management consultancy activities (by 8.7%) and 'other professional, scientific and technical activities (by 8.4%), a significant volume of architectural and engineering services decreased by 4.7% ;

- Sales in administrative and support activities 3) decreased by 1.7%. The fall was due to activity in the rental and leasing (down 4.7%), followed by travel agencies (down 3.5%) and office and administrative activities (down 2.8%). Sales increased employment agencies (3.8%), services to buildings and landscape activities stagnated.

Developments in 2012

In 2012, salesin services 1) decreased by 0.6%. Just as in the fourth quarter had the greatest influence on the development of services declining sales professional, scientific and technical activities. Growth was only transport and storage, and administrative and support activities.

Evolution of seasonally adjusted sales in individual service sectors:

- Sales growth in transportation and storage by 0.9%, influenced mainly warehousing and support activities for transportation, which showed growth in all quarters (5.3% overall). The increase was recorded also water transport (by 5.5%). Land sales and pipeline transport declined from the second quarter, overall declined by 0.8%. The reduction in sales was also recorded for air transport (7.4%) and postal and courier activities (3.8%);

- Revenues for the entire sectionaccommodation and food service activities decreased by 2.2%, within the development section has been vastly different. While in bed and was doing well except for June sales grew throughout 2012 and overall increased by 4.7% and in the catering and hospitality industry sales fell by 6.2%. The long-term decline in food and catering services began in 2008 and since then with slight fluctuations (January and April 2011) survived until the end of 2012.

- Sales of information and communication activities decreased by 0.4%. The decrease was influenced by telecommunications activities (down 3.1%) and information services (+6.6%), which include activities such as web portals, data processing and hosting. Decreased and publishing activities (by 2.9%) and the film and music industry (by 6.8%).In all quarters showed growth in sales activities in the information technology (overall 4.1%) and the production and broadcasting of programs that achieved double-digit growth in all quarters of 2012;

- In real estate activities continued long-term decline for the full year sales declined by 4.7%. Revenues from rental and property management began after a slight increase in the first gradually fall quarter and annual totals were down by 4.5%. Estate agency declined by 5.1%;

- Sales in the professional, scientific and technical activities 2) dropped by 3.0%, a decline was recorded in all groups. The biggest factor in this development was to decrease legal and accounting activities (by 4.3%) and the other professional, scientific and technical activities (by 6.7%).The smallest drop was recorded for architectural and engineering services (1.4%) and advertising and market research (1.5%) in both groups was a smaller decline than in 2011;

- Administrative and sales support activities 3) increased by 2.1%. Increased sales for travel agency services (2.2%), administrative and office work (1.9%) and for activities related to buildings and landscape activities (by 1.4%). Growth in all quarters experienced an employment agency (annual increase of 12.3%), a decrease in all quarters reported security agency (annual decrease of 2.7%). Decreased and sales in the field of rental and leasing (-2.0%).

Beginning from the 1st quarter of 2013 there is a change in the basis of short-term statistics. In addition to changes in the base period of indices that point to the average of 2005, will now be measured against the average of the year 2010, there will be a use of the weighting scheme of 2010. According to the Eurostat methodology will be conducted on the new scales retroactive conversion by 2009, which will result in a revision of basic and annual indices. Historical data prior to 2009 are connected by bridges and conversion YoY therefore remain unchanged.

Source: CSO
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