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Members ČLFA clients last year provided 118 billion crowns

Financing businesses through loans and leases remained practically at the same level as in 2011. Households borrowed money as well as the year before, and is mainly used to purchase cars. CLFA member companies were funded 43.2% of new passenger cars

Prague 7 February 2013. Member companies of the Czech Leasing and Finance Association (ČLFA) provided in 2012 to finance the needs of its clients CZK 118.2 billion, about 5% less than in 2011.On the financing of goods and services to households was determined 35.7 billion crowns to finance investments and operating businesses 82.5 billion crowns. Statistics confirm the continuing trend in the volume of financing for entrepreneurs leases and loans, which last year was generally consistent level of previous post-crisis years. The apparent small change in product structure for a business loan.

"The results for the year 2012 according to our assumptions. Despite the continued adverse macroeconomic effects, we noticed several positive factors. It is worth noting that during the recession, growing interest in value-added products, such as operating leases. This suggests that businesses are responding to the wrong economic development effectively managing their costs, "said Jirina Tapšíková, chairman ČLFA, which brings together 49 companies offering financial and operative leasing, business and consumer loans, hire purchase and factoring.

In connection with the ongoing stagnation of investment, but also to reducing state support of photovoltaics with an overall decrease of movable asset leasing for businesses of 10.4% (measured by the results of the 15 largest companies), which was offset by the positive development of volumes in the product business loan (up 6.8%). Also increased the volume of receivables assigned under factoring (1.9% - according to the statistics of the Association of Factoring Companies). After a deep recession in the early fall showed recovery of real estate leasing (up by 14%, the total cost of 3.1 billion).Consumer credit last year reached the same result as in 2011 (34.2 billion dollars).

The total volume of receivables from members ČLFA contracts under the influence of the economic downturn decreased by 4.5% to 256.8 billion crowns.

As usually, the last member of the most CLFA concluded contracts for the financing of vehicles when customers provide funds for the acquisition of 43.2% of all first new passenger cars registered in the Czech Republic - financed over 75 000 new passengercars.

"More than 118 billion that our member companies provide clients last year, shows that funding from financial institutions associated in ČLFA (mostly subsidiaries of large multinational banks and strong manufacturing concerns) is an important driver of the Czech economy. The statistics for 2012 have confirmed that during the recession, the sector offers specific alternative products that can make customers more flexibility to correct the effects of the recession on its economy. Besides operating leases for example also factoring. It turns out that a wide range of product CLFA members has the potential to play an important role in the process of restarting the domestic economy.Especially in the sector of small and medium enterprises financing through members ČLFA completely dominated and its continued existence is essential. Small and medium businesses should be the engine of a slight recovery in demand for our products, which we expect in 2013. Fundamental change but will be restarted to long-term economic growth. Varied menu of reputable finance companies and households to doubt it will help. But the important thing is that the greater the courage to invest and encourage pro-growth policy of the government, which should be focused on supporting small and medium enterprises. And yet there is no effective measures do not see, "said Jirina Tapšíková.

Table 1: Distribution of funds provided by members ČLFA

in 2012, according to investment (compared to 2011)

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total volume in CZK billion


total volume in CZK billion


Change in%

financing of business


(Financial and operational leasing, business loans)




- 5.7%

corporate finance operations





- 16.9%

household financing

(Consumer lending, consumer leasing)
















- 4.9%


Czech Leasing and Finance Association (ČLFA)

is an interest group of companies (mostly subsidiaries of large multinational banks and strong manufacturing concerns) dealing with finance and operating leases, loans and installment sales to households and businesses and factoring. Since its foundation in 1991, promotes their common interests and is a partner of the state authorities in solving problems relevant sectors of the financial market. Currently has 49 members.

More in: www.clfa.cz .

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Financing of business investment

(Financial and operational leasing, corporate loans)

Operating leases significantly increased its market share ? dominance should continue to transport

Businesses last year to finance its activities spread their interest almost evenly between business and leasing business loans. In 2012, member companies provided CLFA corporate clients on its investment 36.8 billion crowns through leasing and 32.9 billion through business loans.

For the last year was also typical of the continuing rise in the share of leasing in the overall leasing market. While in 2011 the share of new business in the private sector was 33%, last year it reached 43.5%. Operating leases last year was closed for more than 9,636 contracts on financial leasing.

As for commodities, business loans even for lease for corporate clients traditionally dominated by vehicles. It was the same in 2012. As in business loans and leases reported the highest result cars, followed by financing investments in machinery and equipment, especially in agricultural and metalworking techniques.

Chart 1: Share of products designed to finance business investment in 2012

Figure 2: Funding by commodity business (leasing + loans) in 201

Financing company operations (factoring)

The value assigned receivables grew ? The greatest interest was again a domestic factoring and regression

Financing the operation of companies, Member ČLFA through factoring company, which is based on the assignment of receivables.Although the amount of funds provided to clients CLFA members in factoring in last year fell by about 2.5 billion, the value thus assigned claims thus rose to 117 billion, compared to 2011 represents an increase of 1.9%. Annual decrease of funds provided to clients while causing termination of one of the member companies, made ??a strategic decision based on its foreign shareholders.

The Czech factoring market long dominated by domestic factoring. The same was also the last year, even though its share fell by 2.9% in favor of export and import factoring.

Firms prioritize the regression while factoring in which, unlike non-recourse factoring factoring company bears the risk of insolvency of the customer client.

Graph 3: Regional Focus factoring providedCLFA members in 2012

Chart 4: Share of recourse and non-recourse factoring provided CLFA members in 2012

Funding households (consumer loans and leasing)

In the area of ??consumer credit products revolving slightly predominated ? Households preferred second-hand cars from new

Customers CLFA member companies from the private persons elected in 2012, mainly consumer loans (34.2 billion and to a much lesser extent, consumer leasing (1.5 billion dollars).

In the category of consumer loans slightly favored clients revolving loans (12.4 billion dollars) over personal loans (11.3 billion dollars) and the financing of the point of sale, ie the installment sale (10.5 billion dollars).In the list of commodities for which these loans were designed, leading passenger cars, utility vehicles and computers. Statistics of consumer leasing cars dominated.

In 2012, households preferred second-hand cars from new - as in consumer credit and consumer leases used cars recorded a yoy better result.

Graph 5: Share of products intended for the financing of households in the category of consumer loans in 2012


Table 2: Percentage of new and used passenger cars in connection with the financing needs of households in 2012

(By number of contracts, compared to 2011)

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number of contracts


number of contracts




new cars




+ 617


Used Cars




+ 2820


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Členové ČLFA loni poskytli klientům 118 miliard korun

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