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Members shall laugh at the Senate: gutted the whole law and indulged in more money to the Carolina Peake

The discussion was preceded by a sharp skirmish, in all three readings. Even senators who submitted the proposal, were pretty bored that's deputies abused to solve their own interests. Originally, the law should facilitate, streamline and speed up the approval of laws to prevent the přílepkům. So practice, when necessary into law on automobile transport section placed on larger salaries of politicians. But ODS deputy Benda decided that senators will return audacity to dare to want to order the House of Commons, how to act. The original Act gutted out everything, leaving only an effective date. Nevertheless, the document is still called "the Senate bill to amend the Rules of Procedure." To this paradox profusely warned opposition.

ODS to pay the debt for the party PEOPLE last year raised hands forchurch restitution and tax package, without their support, the government fell. The President wanted revenge PEOPLE Carolina Peake parliamentary club. But under the previous scheme it can during the election period to establish ten deputies and people have only six pieces. MEPs agreed that six is ??enough. Thanks amendment Viktor Paggia (PEOPLE) a new club comes to money, gets contribution from the state in terms of mandate.

The butterfly you made ??a pig

Opposition was gutting Senate bill outraged. Jan Chvojka (CSSD) said that the coalition has made butterfly pig. "The greatest repugnance and disgust," he added.

"Irritating Us symbolism proposal: number of members was reduced from ten to six, that is unacceptable, not afraid to talk to, it's just a guide for defection, it's his money, challenge all who are elected to the House in order founded přeběhlické clubs were Moreover rewarded for it. Realize where it will lead. not right to talk also about the newsagent? Miroslava Nemcova recently apologized for tobacconist for Fuksa, Šnajdr and Vondra. newsagent's not? " asked the boss CSSD deputies Jerome Tejc applause and shouted over the left part of the spectrum of Commons.

He and Catherine Klasnová (VV) were upset because treatment Marek Benda fundamentally limits the rights of the opposition and obstruction to the discussion. "That's against parliamentarianism.And it's short-sighted in terms of ODS will probably be in opposition after the next election if it does not absorb until internal disputes or Kalousek, "said Klasnová.

Carolina has won Peake, however, as shown by a very narrow majority, which managed to get to the law. Even had to vote several times, confusion arose because legislators have required revision and voting. The law was passed by 88 votes, the need was 87th

A fun does not stop there - the amendment now goes to the Senate, into the same Senate, which the House laughed at by his artwork gutted. When the upper chamber of the amendment says no, the coalition will need 101 votes. They will look for it very hard, the question is, how many other newsagents it will cost. Moreover - the president can veto, which was from 8 March will Miloš Zeman. He makes no secret of his contempt for the people who did not pass the "hell elections" and it can be assumed that her club does not want to indulge.

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