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Worried about a mole in the garden? Advice on how to get rid of it

When you start a fight with a mole you should first of all have to remember that it is legally protected animal. Therefore, you should not kill him, but only from your garden or plot to oust. If a mole hurt, you get a fine from veterinarians to 50,000 crowns.

Tackling this black beast, who knows every child from the comic strip Zdenek Miler, however, is not simple, it is the mole invincible. The internet breeds many tips on how to banish him from the garden, read the supposedly most effective.

First Prevnece

In order to appear in your unwelcome guest in a black coat, you should pay attention to prevention. According to gardeners is good to regularly mow grass. Against moles supposedly true constantly destroying tunnels, black animals because they love peace. Some gardeners then boasts that help them against moles cat.

Second Humane ouster

If you do not want to go into too drastic expulsion of a mole, try some humane solutions. They help yousome plants that can not only drive out of a mole, but you can also embellish it your garden. Afrikaner, pigweed, spurge, or garlic řepčíky allegedly mole and other enemies of your garden drive away.

Reportedly, it also helps when inserting into his burrow Olomouc syrečky or lemon zest.

In addition to plants, you can use a special electric deterrents to moles. They produce a sound that can not hear, but the mole is very annoying and he instead moves away from your garden.Some gardeners, however, pointed out that after this time, you get used equipment mole and return to the garden. On the Internet, there is even a board and it helps to put women's shelter krtčího vibrator with batteries.

If you are a handyman (or wasp), you can make a homemade repellent. Do krtince, insert a thin metal rod, is attached to her plastic bottle that slicing, to form a kind of pinwheel. Its sound is said to moles also expelled. According to some gardeners it is enough pinwheel kids who buy in hračkárně.

If you are not so skilled, reportedly enough to bury krtčího tunnel two-thirds of a glass bottle (such as beer), so that it is inclined in the direction from which the wind blows. This will again be an issue for moles unpleasant sound.

Vanes plastic or glass bottles then you should distribute evenly around the garden to be as effective as possible.

Third Drastic ouster

To flush out the mole can be used far more drastic methods. According to the advice of experienced gardeners should first should destroy (squelch) all of its pile.Those which resumes then focus there and put fire gel bait. Then put fire directly into the holes. But you should dig a well, in addition to such expulsion mole poison your cat or dog, or that you did not play with a gel trap your child. Gel bait you into Mole burrows should definitely put on rubber gloves, a mole has a sensitive sense of smell and if you feel the smell of man would rather avoid the bait.

Expel the moles from the garden!

Other reportedly effective solutions to the enemy in a black coat to get rid of them by using the so-called fumigatory cartridge. After ignition and subsequent burning begins patrons due to soil moisture release toxic gas. It should not cause damage to garden crops and after its application does not require any other applications.

Fumigatory cartridge and gel bait shop at stores for gardeners.

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