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MEDICAL GUIDE: Guided tours will save your life! On what you qualify for free?

Although our health care system at a comparable level as Western, dying of cancer more often than other nations. In doing so, it could have been prevented with timely control of the doctor. But the Czechs go to the doctor only when there has to take ...

If you are already 40 years old, you should at your health care doubled. We bring you advice on what tour you should go, how often and what you paid for health insurance.

Preventive examination by a medical practitioner

- 1x every 2 years
- Paid by insurance

Every two years, you should visit here, even if you have no medical complications. The tour includes the history (the doctor will ask you some questions about your health, lifestyle and disease in your family) and a private tour.

During the examination, the doctor examined the heart and lungs, measure blood pressure and pulse, and check palpated belly pain kidney. It will also focus on the skin, tongue, mucosa, neck, lymph nodes, hearing, thyroid, eyes, veins and arteries. The tour also includes basic oncology tests, ieexamination of the rectum, testicles and breasts. If you are already 45 years old, the doctor also measures the value of blood glucose and women are subjected to mamografickému breast examination with ultrasound.


- 1 in 4 years
- Paid by insurance

If you are already 40 years old, or Do not underestimate this test. The device will measure your heart activity, which is reflected in the typical curve. You will learn so if you have any deviation from the natural rhythm or other failures. One painless visit to reduce the risk of sudden death in heart failure.


- 1 year
- Paid by insurance

Naturally, this test applies only to women, but partner them could recall at least. Women often underestimate it and when the doctor detects cervical cancer, it is too late. This examination is conducted glance, using mirrors and palpation. The tour includes samples from the cervix for cytological examination.

Testing for the presence of blood in stool

- 1 year
- Paid by insurance

This tour early detection of incipient stages of colon cancer and rectum. From 50 to 54 years old, you should submit it once a year, from 55 then just once every two years.


- 2x per year
- Paid by insurance

Although already here get sticker or a picture, but even so, it pays to go here. "The contents of preventive examination is the examination of the state of teeth, mucous membranes and soft tissues of the oral cavity, the condition of the jaw and jaw relationships and in the determination of treatment plan for further dental care," said iReceptář.cz web.

Examination of cholesterol and fatty substances in the blood

- 18, 40, 50 and 60 years
- Paid by insurance

Increased levels of fats in the blood can lead to heart attack or stroke, so it is definitely good to underestimate this test.

Prostate and colonoscopic screening for colon cancer

- In 50 years
- Insurance company does not pay

Although these tests are not paid insurance, pay a little zainventovat to health. Prostate cancer is a common and fatal disease of men and fifty years would be better all had to undergo examination. Women should be back in 50 years undergo colonoscopic screening for colon cancer. During this process, the tumors can be easily removed and do not endanger human life. Then it may be too late.

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