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MEDICAL GUIDE: A Trip to the sea or spa? Choose the insurance rate

Health insurance can be changed once a year, you must report this to half a year in advance. So in the meantime you have plenty of time to learn what your insurance company that will bring benefits to pojištěneckému standard. To avoid having to browse sites in detail, we have compiled for you an overview of bonuses and benefits. You can choose between children's tours to salt water, massage or even cure radon in Jáchymov.

General Health Insurance Company (NGA)

Chronically ill children from the insured VZP can look to the sea. From May to September 3200 set off insurance young patients to Croatia or Greece, where twenty-one days enjoy healing salt air. The offer should also be a contribution to fixed braces or course swimming, which then children can reap the pleasures.

VZP should also think of those who have a gluten-free diet, you may draw up to post šestitisícový year.

Clients are also entitled to a number of preventive examinations. The practitioner can appear twice a year free of charge, just as the dentist. To gynecological surgery, head for free once a year. Children have a practical addition to doctors and dentists are also entitled to the orthopedic surgeon, allergist and enchant. Offspring in three years gives VZP contribution to proper nutrition.

NGA has contracted various partner organizations, which have their clients are entitled to a discount, up to forty. This applies, for example, sports and leisure centers, visiting the salt cave, massage, pedicure or buying cosmetics and sporting goods.

VZP will reward you if you have blood or bone marrow, then you can claim a discount on travel insurance, you can get up to 35 days for free. I also come to points in the program Healthy Life, points are then transformed into money, for that can be taken to be otherwise not covered by vaccination.

Czech industrial health insurance company (ČPZP)

At school or nursery in nature and ski lessons contributes ČPZP to 1500 crowns, but this does not apply to summer camps, must be an event during the school year. In addition, children can enjoy swimming course or sauna world, this is about five hundred.

For babies moms can take vitamins and package for the newborn. This includes diapers, bottle and tea for breastfeeding women. The insurance company also adds to baby massage or cosmetics, contact lenses or movements for weight reduction.

Women can indulge in preventive checkups for cancer vaccination and discounts to get pregnant, a contribution of 1,500 crowns. Insurance company will provide the same amount on laser eye surgery. In addition to maternity allowance, the same applies to men.

Vitamin posts belong to blood donors and who brings a new client ČPZP, five hundred warrants. At selected pools that have a contract with ČPZP, you swim free. I work here the collection points, the point's crown, which can then be used to purchase goods or services.

Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior (ZPMV)

ZPMV attracted to the program above standard 211th The client in this example, the system comes to an allowance for a single room in a hospital or lighter cast on a broken leg or arm. You will be able to choose a doctor who you odoperuje, and ensure the compensation of lost wages.The program applies only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the Schengen area. Up to ten thousand insurance company will reimburse the way to the hospital, if you go with something other than an ambulance.

I ZPMV has an agreement with a range of spa and relaxation facilities, where her clients can apply discounts. For instance, the spa or Bohdaneč Poděbrady or trade underwear.

To prevent clients can enjoy tours for fighting cancer, go for vaccinations or draw money for donating blood.

Keep track of card services help life here ZPMV provides free and insured can easily check the information about their health condition, used drugs and podstoupených examinations. The card also works as an application in smart phones.

Military Health Insurance Company (VOZP)

With discount programs VOZP you look in the salt cave, get nutritional consulting consultant buy health chair or a driveway on radon remediation spa Jachymov.

Women insurance company offers contributions to the mammography examination, together with men are entitled to physical activity cheaper, swimming or vaccination. There vitamins for pregnant women and babies.

Children VOZP attracts a special dental fluoridation or contribution to protective helmets and pads for children to play sports while less banged. Students turn contributes to vaccination against hepatitis, encephalitis and meningitis. Smokers can come for the grand nicotinic dummies.

Small children with allergies and skin disease again look to the sea or indulge curative treatment in the country. Similarly, the insurance company adds on school trips, but must take at least five days.

Revírní fraternal Treasury (RBP)

In addition to classic preventive programs RBP offers bonus packages. One belongs to all newborns and gives them basic equipment, another takes children with edema or respiratory problems to the beaches in Montenegro. Who has better mountains, can go to the High Tatras.

RBP rewards those clients who can resist obesity, excessive drinking and smoking, helps them five hundred. During that people can go for a massage, zumba or judo, buy in optics, or have laser eye surgery, so you do not have to go into the optics.

Special offer is available for the employee risk workplaces. You will receive vitamins, reconditioning, care free and full package of preventive examinations.

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