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M. Mobius: Travel in India

His last trip to India, I undertook during the Navratri festival celebrations, which culminated on Dussehra, a symbol of victory of good over evil in the form of Lord Rama slaying the demon king Ravana. Festive time of Navratri festival begins and continues for several weeks until the festival of Diwali.

Me and my team, we had the privilege that we have in New Delhi to attend one of the many celebrations of Dussehra festival, which took place across the country. It is an event that will be attended by many celebrities. Even though the teeming crowds acted chaotic impression festive atmosphere reigned here. Local vendors offer specials like "roller ice cream" that is prepared překapáváním cream mixture through a manually operated cylinder filled with ice and salt. Available, there was a iroomali roti bread (handkerchief bread), which is prepared rozválením balls of dough, which is then thrown into the air, then stretched out on the thick handkerchief and hell in a heated oven.

The celebrations were in three ten-figurines of wood and paper depicting Ravana and his two relatives with red glowing eyes. At the appropriate time passed dignitaries were richly decorated with bows and arrows, with which dignitaries shot at these dummies that were at the very end even magnificently lit. The whole ceremony was repeated throughout both Delhi and after other historical cities. To me, the most remarkable aspect of the whole ceremony, that although hlídla guard entrances, spaces around the stage remained almost unguarded.


Automotive industry in India


As we traveled between the various celebrations and meetings from Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), we realized the growing problem of traffic crisis, caused primarily by migration of rural population to the cities.

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India is probably the best way to become an important automotive market. Annual sales of cars and trucks now in India reaching one-third of the value compared to the U.S. with 15 million cars sold. However, unlike the U.S., India car sales growth is growing rapidly. The total number of registered motor vehicles in India reached 100 million units, while consumer vehicles (passenger cars, motorcycles and scooters) was represented by 75%. India to achieve the same number of registered vehicles per capita as the U.S., he would be the number of registered vehicles 970 million pieces. Automotive industry in India is to me an obvious growth potential.


Rather than motor vehicle


In the case of India, plays the largest role-wheelers (motorcycles and motor scooters) with annual sales of about 14 million, with about half a million known three-wheel rickshaw, which in India fulfills the role of open taxis. Existing infrastructure in India is already bursting at the seams.In India, although there are 5,000,000 km of roads, only a fraction of them is a national, state, or of sufficient quality urban roads.

To obtain a clearer picture of India we visited one large company producing cars that produces both passenger and freight cars. Production of one of their popular vehicle lower class was still about 9000 pieces per month. I was surprised when I learned from a member of management learned that a large part of their profits came from the recently akvizovaných foreign brands.This is evidence of a trend that we could be witnessing the last few years, many companies from emerging countries akvizovaly brands from developed markets, or these brands based joint ventures.

To get an overview of the Indian market as well as scooters and motorcycles, I visited with my team and manufacturer specializing in precisely this segment of the market. Annual sales gave the impression, whether it was for those in the domestic market, neighboring countries and even in Africa.This company also manufactured rickshaws used as taxis throughout Asia. One of the sons of the founder of this company to us during a visit to his office and development center said that the company focuses primarily on energy-efficient and space-saving transport.

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Historically Indian brands competing for a place in the sun with manufacturers from Japan, but the company succeeded in the past. According to the company's management, there are two reasons why people prefer to motorcycle front of the car or other means. They are commuting and sport. In India also was a trend favoring large and faster motorcycles. The reasons are also two. Solving the problem of commuting and enthusiasm of ownership of this bike. Now these were the reasons why the company decided to market products under the premium brand.

From our ways is clear to me that India has an exciting future ahead and investment potential in infrastructure development and transport.

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M. Mobius: Na cestách v Indii

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