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With the increase in VAT faded dream of cheaper heat. The situation can save subsidy programs

In January this year the jednoprocentnímu increase in VAT rates. It is expected that essentially all rise - food service and energy, including heat. Expenses for heat, according to a recent survey by the Association of EPS * CR consists mostly around 10% of the cost to the household. A quarter of Czechs issue for him even through fifth monthly budget. It was the beginning of the year, when the average temperature is below the freezing point, so the family purse a challenging time.

"New Year's rising energy prices have become a tradition. This year we not avoid him, the game also entered a new, higher VAT rate. The heat from the central heating is so according to current price lists will raise the price in some regions up to 7%, "says Ing changes. Zemene Paul, Ph.D. Chairman of the Association of Czech EPS.

For six years, the heat is more expensive by 50%

Central heat rising prices for several years. While in 2006 we per gigajoule (GJ) paid around 400 crowns, in 2013 the figure was 560 crowns. New Year price and then brought over 600 crowns. Apartment 3 +1 in non-insulated panel house consumes an average of about 44 GJ central heat per year. Accounts such as heating and climb to an amount exceeding 26,000 crowns. Right panel houses while the greatest potential savings. "Overwhelming majority of household spending on heating slicing 10 and percent or more of the family budget. For 23% of the families is but a fifth of the funds to the household. In the Czech Republic, but is still over 200 million non-insulated exterior walls, "says Ing. Paul Zemene.

Source: topsrovnani.cz

Effectively reducing the cost of the heat insulation

Spending for heat is influenced by several factors. In addition to heated area, suppliers and sources of heat, it is also construction equipment flat or house. The best way to reduce heating costs and comprehensive quality insulation, insulated because the object has a much lower heat loss than an object without insulation protection. "Insulation can save hundreds of dollars. The most expensive heating is electricity, which, when used in a family house can go a year to 50,000 crowns. Insulation can save up to 80%. Even though we are in a less benign economic times, there is an economic, legislative and environmental need to reduce the energy intensity of buildings that make up a significant portion of total energy consumption in the Czech Republic "says Ing. Paul Zemene.


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Real Estate / heat source


Central heating (consumption of 40 GJ / year)

20 500 CZK


Wood (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


18 000 CZK

Heat pump (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


18 500 CZK

Coal (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


19 000 to 25 000 CZK

Pellets (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


21 000 CZK

Gas (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


30 000 CZK

Electricity - heaters (consumption of 65 GJ / year)


50 000 CZK

Source: cenyenergie.cz

The biggest cost to heat felt by the family wallet in January and February, when the minimum air temperature and freezing. For the past 10 years, the average temperature ranges around -2 ° C . In particular, in February of 2012 was negative and temperatures dropped to an average of -5 ° C . Even forecasts of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute do not promise savings of this year - the end of February should bear the sign up -7 ° C .

On August insulation will become

The Ministry of Environment has prepared a new project to provide a means for insulating houses. The new grant program is ready to green savings 1.4 billion for reconstruction commenced after 1 January 2013. "Investing in insulation will return in a few years, but its amount can be for some investors appear too high. Grant programs are completely essential tool to meet the energy performance of buildings and CO 2 emissions. Not to mention the benefits of insulation to revive the construction sector and its contribution to promoting employment, "says Ing. Paul Zemene.

Insulated Czechs have often linked polystyrene

Thermal insulation not only provides cost savings, it also has technical advantages. Removes thanks to him one of the most common causes and fungal growth, which is the condensation of water vapor on the inner surface of the building envelope. It also improves the thermal comfort in homes and reduces temperature fluctuations in different parts of the room. This increases the overall quality of living.Finally, reducing the failure rate of the heating system, which is less loaded. According to statistics, the most frequently used polystyrene foam insulating material, which was in 2011 in the Czech Republic has consumed a record 62,000 tons.

* About the survey

Survey on Thermal insulation and energy prices took place at Sousede.czin collaboration with the Association of the Czech Republic and EPS of 9 to 20 September 2012. The survey had a total of 306 respondents from users of the portal.


Association of Czech EPS


EPS Czech Association is a national organization founded in 1998 to promote and coordinate the joint development of applications of expanded polystyrene (EPS), participate in standards development, product quality control of EPS, provide consultation in the production and use of products and applications of EPS increase the safety of the products of EPS and contribute to energy savings.

Association of Czech EPS has 12 full members, including a representative of Plastics Europe Brussels ( www.plasticseurope.org ). Four fittings manufacturers for the packaging industry are associate members of the association and five honorary members. The association covers 90% of the Czech market EPS. Annual turnover is around CZK 4.5 billion in processing more than 50 thousand. tons of EPS. In recent years, companies have invested almost CZK 4 billion in development and innovation. They employ over 1000 workers.

Its members are manufacturers of raw materials, manufacturers of EPS and other companies and experts from the EPS operating in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The association works closely with related professional organizations, schools, research institutes, government agencies and many experts from different fields.

Czech Association of EPS is also a member EUMEPS, the European association of EPS.

For more information, visit www.epscr.cz.

Association of Czech EPS
Ing. Zemene Paul, Ph.D.

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