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Beware of cheating foods! We will advise you how to read the labels!

What really stands on the label of your favorite foods and how to read? We will advise you how not to cheat. It is a thorny problem that plagues every consumer to understand the officials in the European Union and published a detailed manual.

The European Union provides that data and information must necessarily include an etiquette. In addition to information required by law, manufacturers can provide additional information. Beware, these are often intentionally misleading. The strictest rules apply to meat, alcohol and products that are rapidly deteriorating.

First Amount

It is the net quantity of the product by volume (for liquids) and mass units.

Second Product Name

It must include information about the physical condition of the foodstuff or the specific treatment it has undergone foods (frozen, dried). Must always be given treatment with ionizing radiation, if it was used.

Third Folder List

Ingredients must be listed in order of weight from the heaviest to the lightest items.Must also be disclosed those ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in individuals. Semi-finished products (tomato soup or chili con carne) must be given their percentage.

4th Durability

The data shown in the "Use by" and "best before" dates indicate how long the food is fresh and how long is safe for consumption. "Use by" is used for perishable foods (such as meat). So are identified as any fresh packaged foods."Best before" is used for foods that can be stored longer (spices, cereals). Eat products after the "minimum durability" is not hazardous to health, but the products lose the smell or taste.

5th Manufacturer and importer

Name and address of the manufacturer, packer or importer shall be clearly indicated on the packaging, so that you know who to contact if he wants to claim the goods.

6th Organic food

This designation is permitted only with regard to specific methods of food production, in which the requirements of the nature protection and welfare of animals.

7th Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Compulsory thus must be marked product which contains 0.9% GMO. Any material derived from GMOs must be listed on the list of ingredients, the words' genetically modfikované ".

8th Origin

For some products (meat, fruit, vegetables) is binding indicate the country or region of origin. It is binding even if the product package contains a flag, logo or elements of a State other than where the product comes from.

9th Nutritional Information

Describes the energy value of food ae its nutrients (such as protein, fiber, vitamins). This information shall be given in the event that the claims to the nutritional value of the product.

11th How to understand "Greece"

If a food additive E assigned a number, it means that security through testing and was approved for use throughout the EU. This approval is monitored and reviewed in light of new scientific data.


antioxidants - make foods last longer, to prevent the fats, oils and certain vitamins in the air. For example, vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid or E300

dyes- Sometimes used to replace the natural color. An example is the caramel.

emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners - emulsifiers such as lecithin (E 322) help mix ingredients that are normally separate. One of gelling agents need pectin (E 440).

flavor enhancer - such as monosodium glutamate (E621) is often added to soups and industrially produced sauces.

preservatives- Prevent spoilage of food. Dried fruit such as treating with sulfur dioxide (E 220). Meat is against mold preserves nitrite and nitrate (E 249 to E 252).

Sweeteners - often used instead of sugar. An example is aspartame (E951), saccharin (E 954), sorbitol (E420) and acesulfame (E950).

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Pozor na šizené potraviny! Poradíme vám, jak správně číst etikety!

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