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Markets  |  February 21, 2013 17:38:11

CR - Summary 2.21 - Correction dominated CEZ, which tested a set stop-loss instructions on the market

The Prague Stock Exchange during the day at a reduced rate followed by significant foreign correction.
This resulted mainly from the reaction to the Fed minutes yesterday and today's data on a surprising decline in activity in services and manufacturing for the euro area and some of its key countries.
Fed Minutes showed that tensions over fears of adverse effects in the QE Monetary Affairs grows to the extent that they are being considered for early termination stimulation compared to previously established criteria. Reaction from investors on this topic is traditionally negative. Investors fear, and for the whole would have economic and financial system led without "divine many" who "freely" kane from above and perform profitable returns across the financial sector extension then and beyond. Arriving on the cheapest source of money in the world would really be extremely annoying.
Data on the development activities of purchasing managers in the euro area confirmed the complex situation in the region. Strong euro Backhoe foreign demand apparently let the strength of the single currency who wants to believe what he wants. Dangerous fact is also widening the gap between the imaginary core eurozone as Germany and other countries led by France. PMI divergent developments in these key countries of the Union was now the highest since the start of monitoring data at the end of the last century. It is evident that this development is different political responses, which may exacerbate relations within the European Union, which certainly does not help to improve the situation and may potentially reduce the already weak capacity to act throughout the Union in the fight against debt and stillmore also with the economic crisis.
Investors also pay attention to the large number of result messages.

On the home front, attention is again focused primarily on CEZ. Probably only a few people this morning he believed his eyes when he saw ČEZ fall within a few minutes up to the level of 545 CZK, ie the lowest since mid-2005, when a rapid sequence of instructions after the start of sales of auction trading triggered stop-loss technical instructions. Subsequent recovery back shares company gradually at least to the level of autumn 2008, when the outbreak of the global financial crisis and the markets in large collapsed, and towards the end of the trading just below 600 CZK to quite "acceptable" losses at the level of 1%.Disinterested she probably relieved, investors on the right side of the coin a little more rich at the expense of losers from the second bank. It is likely that the already very large set of domestic investors after today, a bit smaller. Many of you will ask questions in the sense that both could happen that swing, it means something in the context of future degree as on the paper anyway? Direct answers will only damn little speculation may occur in large numbers. Pressure this morning was some form of "armed reconnaissance" before any more events? It's an attractive level, or there is still time for any shopping? What are the prospects for the company? Certain guideline may be the first reaction of analysts revise their recommendations. The first swallows are already appearing vesmyslu "70 percent decline in the growth potential" and similar.The fact is that CEZ before us does not have any brilliant prospects. The European crisis is pushing down the performance of the economies and thus the potential for further development of electricity prices. Meanwhile, the emerging problems in the Balkans, which undermine the vision of a strong regional player that will be attractive in any future consolidation of the European energy sector. Problems are also the prices of emission allowances and what about the completion of Temelin. State will not always guarantee the purchase price of electricity, and if the construction occurs it could be in the Czech environment "big black hole for money", which could threaten the financial strength of the company and thus the results, dividends and everything else. From this point of view, the ČEZ probably not in the long run hurry.

The negative tone of domestic trade has contributed significantly stronger correction banks fall after disappointing results also caught NWR.

General decline slightly increased interest in "dividend" in the form of titles PMCR and HC2

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Conclusion Exchange February 21, 2013 16:30
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 20.65    0.24% 0.98 million 20.60
CETV 111.45    -1.46% 7.26 million 113.10
ČEZ 599.00    -1.06% 579.15 million 605.40
ERSTE BANK GROUP 586.50    -2.57% 104.19 million 602.00
FORTUNA 85.00    -2.30% 3.65 million 87.00
COMMERCIAL BANK 4050.00    -0.86% 227.09 million 4085.00
NWR 81.30    -6.71% 20.54 million 87.15
ORCO 66.45    -2.92% 1.69 million 68.45
PEGAS NONWOVENS 517.00    -0.58% 1.73million 520.00
PHILIP MORRIS CR 11,579.00    0.21% 12.51 million 11,555.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 309.80   0.72% 84.60 million 307.60
UNIPETROL 168.00    -0.59% 26.80 million 169.00
VIG 964.70    0.07% 2.74 million 964.00
TOTAL   1072.93 million

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ČR - souhrn 21.2. - korekci vévodil ČEZ, který otestoval nastavení stop-loss pokynů na trhu

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