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See how we are better off than in 1993

Meanwhile, how much money for the work and how much you get for that amount of money buy rolls, beers or pants, it is bally big difference.

It is necessary to calculate the increase of prices, inflation and other economic indicators. Nominal wage amount is so that we get to hand, while the real wage is more important.

The above reveals, how much for our hard-earned money can do actually buy. Looking to the table is therefore quite encouraging - it is clear that we are getting better.

And even though it sounds incredible, we'll buy it from your pay almost twice as much as in 1993! This is despite the fact that the situation is swearing at us basically national sport.

Just need to look at what in 1993 was a new color television. It was over 13 thousand, more than two monthly payments. In 2008, color television was an average of 7,787 crowns, or about one-third payment. For the same money you could buy Czechs and six times more television.

The comparison must have delighted fans and beer. While twenty years ago was one bottled beer averaged 5.80, in 2008 it was without two pennies nine crowns. Again, it holds that today an average payout can buy more beers.

Year The average nominal salary in CZK The average real wage in CZK
1,993 5904 CZK 4887 CZK
1,994 7004 CZK 5269 CZK
1,995 8307 CZK 5727 CZK
1,996 9825 CZK 6225 CZK
1,997 10802 CZK 6306 CZK
1,998 11801 CZK 6218 CZK
1,999 12797 CZK 6603 CZK
2,000 13614 CZK 6762 CZK
2,001 14793 CZK 7019 CZK
2,002 15866 CZK 7398 CZK
2,003 16917 CZK 7805 CZK
2,004 18041 CZK 8094 CZK
2,005 18992 CZK 8631 CZK
2,006 20219 CZK 8687 CZK
2,007 21694 CZK 9069 CZK
2,008 23542 CZK 9259 CZK


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Podívejte se, jak jsme na tom lépe než v roce 1993 (10)

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