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You know, when discarded tires from service?

The disposal of tires many to consider if the coming of a time when you need to replace summer tires for winter or vice versa. Only when there is a detailed examination of whether they are usable for the next season. But this method of control is not sufficient. Vehicle Tires should be checked once a month ideally. Attention is necessary to focus on the degree of wear and tear, defects and tire age.

Tire wear

The most common reason for tire tread is worn below the legal limit. The law must not be less tread depth below 1.6 mm with summer tires and 4 mm for the winter. This boundary condition show us the so-called wear indicators, which are located in the middle of the tire. 'In exchange, however, we should not hesitate to reach this threshold and to invest in new tires sooner. In general, the lower the tread depth, the longer the braking distance of a vehicle. Stopping distance of tires with a tread depth is 1.6 mm while up to 50% longer than nesjetých new tires, "said Jan Foltán from an online store buy tires.

Damage to tires

Visible damage, punctures, cross section, deformation, bulges, cracks and other defects caused by collision with a fixed obstacle - these are all cases in which it would be possible repair option or the need to evaluate tire disposal expert. If you inject reserves and instead we decide to use sealing spray that can puncture the correct short range, partly by risking greater damage to the tire than the original one.Inside the wheels had a crack may get unwanted solid particles which are then further invisibly harmful. Because of this, it may happen that we originally repairable tire altogether discarded.

Aging tires

Although nowhere strictly ordered, how much time from the date of manufacture must be replaced with a new tire, the tire is considered older than 10 years for the elderly, and even as dangerous. After 4-5 years tire comes to its original physical and therefore driveability. It does not matter that it was almost impossible to be used. For this reason, it is recommended to check at least once a year by a specialist who is able to reveal the hidden signs of aging. Check the age of the tire can be on her side. The production date is shown as an internal code of the manufacturer.

How to extend the life of the tire?

Tire life affects many aspects. This includes driving style, the surface on which tires are used, regular maintenance and storage at the time of inactivity. Driving should be as balanced style brake-gas cladding is definitely not good.

The maintenance is necessary to ensure correct geometry and wheel balancing. Unbalanced tires had uneven wear, and in some places, causing the rapid descent of the tread. Another important thing for maintenance is also monitoring the correct tire pressure. U-dense and under-inflated tires are a significantly higher risk of defects. At the same time in both cases is irregular boating jacket and excessive wear of the middle or outer part of the tread. Tire underinflated by only 10% compared to the recommended value has a lifetime shorter by 30%, "Said John Foltán e-shop buy tires.

Currently unused winter or summer tires must also be well stored. Improper storage because it can easily lead to their deformation. The tires on the rim should not be stored standing. Tires without rims should be stored on the contrary, their suspension or naskládáním on yourself. It is also necessary to ensure the prevention of tire contact with solvents, petroleum products and other chemicals that could damage the casing tires. It is ideal for storing a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated room.

Jan Foltán
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