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Cap: Half of us have experienced the insured event

Whether it is a car accident resulted in a broken arm or a raging elements, with the insured event has its own experience 46% of the Czech population. It results from an exclusive survey of Czech Insurance Association (CAP), in which the majority of clients simultaneously evaluates the progress of investigation of the claim as a reasonable time and hassle free.

More often insured event involved males. Of the total sample declares liquidation experience with 53% of men and only 38% of women. As regards the conduct of the insured event, a full 68% of people in the survey said that the amount of indemnity, insurance paid to them, met their expectations. "As many as 67% of respondents also considered for destruction execution relatively quickly," says Communications Manager identify and education ČAP Marcela Kotyrová and adds: "The positive is the fact that 56% of respondents consider settling claims as well as undemanding as to the number of required documents and communications with the insurance company. "

In view of the differences between men and women who have ever dealt with an insurance event survey revealed significant differences. Czechs are better oriented in the administration and execution of the liquidation consider it easier than men. The same is true for the perception of insured loss events, 73% of women considered it a reasonable time, as well sees only 63% of men. A survey of the Czech Insurance Association shows that most people do not manage to settle claims settlement alone, and do not have to turn to anyone else. According to the results of such surveys, men 92%, women 77% then. In other cases, it is mainly for individuals aged 18 to 30 years who are the parents care insurance.

The survey also investigated the reason for disappointment remaining 32% who have a negative experience with the amount of the claim or the settlement of claims. For half of them are dissatisfied impetus for termination of the contract and subsequent change insurance companies. It turned out, however, that not always for their bad experience actually fits just insurance. Nearly one third of them had admitted that his dissatisfaction helped by claim reported sick, did not supply the relevant documents, the contract had outdated or simply not insured risk, which is a shame attached, without informing the exercise of their right to know.

"Common mistakes in reporting damages in addition to confirming the survey participants included experts from the Department of liquidation of insurance companies," says Marcela Kotyrová and continues: "Most are faced with incomplete documentation, complain that clients do not respond at all or respond belatedly to their challenges, and the unnecessary thus stretching the course of liquidation. "Complete documentation is important for assessing the legitimate claim for insurance benefits, or to the exclusion of insurance fraud. Even the Czech population is not foreign. The attempted insurance fraud encountered in its surroundings for 16% of those questioned.

What should be used when reporting an insured event to remember?  

Before reporting a claim, always check the accuracy of contact details or identify the beneficiary. Fill out the form legibly and do not forget the signatures. Improper completion or failure to deliver the required attachments from your side in longer process of liquidation, and thus the payment of the indemnity. If you do not forward documents in person, please send it by registered mail.

§          For damages from motor insurance insurance pass correctly and fully completed accident report, including the plan, acquired documentation or testimony. When filling out the record of the accident always pay attention to all the boxes and before the separation of the document, make sure it is properly signed in all copies. After separation of the sheets is no longer possible to add other information, unless-written on all copies.

§          Damage to health corroborate always complete medical documentation (original medical reports, assessments, and all other bills for medical equipment).

§          In case of damage to property caused by the elements remember the photographs of the damage. If its development is evident, guide the ongoing photo documentation up to the worker's insurance company. It also damaged items to throw away the worker's insurance.

§If you report damage caused by burglary or theft, take insurance in addition to the police report also documents the damage and collected bills, warrants or invoices. The course of winding up so easier.

A survey prepared by NMS Market Research in December 2012

Czech and Slovak Republic

Method: online survey

Interview: CR: 79 questions, SR: 24 questions

Target population: 18-50 years - a representative sample of the population

Sample population: by sex, age, region, size of place of residence

Sample: CR: 1017 respondents, SR: 312 respondents

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