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Markets  |  February 27, 2013 17:07:05

CR - Summary 2.27 - PSE beliefs and expectations of outcome reports, CEZ under 600 to 320 HC2, CETV depreciated 9%

The PSE in the middle of the week during the growth of liquidity slightly strengthened PX index remained below 1000 points.

European stock markets during the day oscillated around yesterday's conclusions, and only in the second half of the day have taken on the growth direction, which gave to forget yesterday's beating. In the first half of the day waiting for the results of the auction of Italian government bonds with longer maturities in the second began to dominate the positive impact of outcome reporting company led by EADS and the positive impact of U.S. macroeconomic data, enriched by new orders of durable goods in January. You as a whole, although disappointing, but excluding the volatile transportation sector showed unexpectedly strong and unprecedented growth, which was further supported by consideration of the resumption of growth in the U.S. economy at the beginning of this year. Markets are also engaged in the defense of QE by the Fed chief Bernanke.

On the domestic front, the major sources of price-fixing manifested earnings reports and expectations for the main catchment titles. Today 4Q results respectively for the full year 2012 the company reported TO2 and CME , tomorrow and make CEZ and Erste.
If HC2 failed to provide unexpected results, which acknowledged the market, because the telecommunications sector in this regard is the recent full negative surprise of result.Less enthusiasm aroused above the proposed dividend, which at 30 CZK might be disappointing for some investors, because it was at the lower end of the estimated range. The key question is still its sustainability in the future. Shares TO2 reacted during the day only half-heartedly, and later in the afternoon began to grow to the limit 320 CZK.Looking at the historical development of market prices and the amount of dividends could odtušit that title more of a decline towards the 300 CZK or slightly below it. For details, refer to the results of HC2 results for 4Q without major surprises, ...
The second day report for CMEalready "so calm" was not a market response was very strong and negative. Significant disappointment of some values ??led to a decline in shares up by nearly 10%, in conclusion, the level of 95 CZK . For details on the presented results refer to shares of CME results for r.2012 after losing nearly 9%
Tomorrow publish the results of CEZand Erste . Shares of energy companies , fearing negative surprise zmožného fell below 600 CZK . Shares of Ersteon the contrary grew toward the border yesterday lost 600 CZK . For details see the expectations Erste tomorrow 02.28 announce the results for 4Q12 - waiting .. and CEZ on Thursday published the results for 4Q, waiting ...
The specific message today also responded PMCR shares, which in the first half of the day testified about larger-than-expected increase in the price of cigarettes.
Bit off the main attention in the growth of the market shares continued to AAA , Tatra stopped its two-day growth of 50 percent recovery and partially corrected him.

Daily comments on what is happening in the markets:
12.h - European markets are looking for direction, BCPP lagged.

Conclusion Exchange February 27, 2013 16:30
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 22.80    3.64% 1.85 million 22.00
CETV 95.00    -8.70% 24.55 million 104.05
ČEZ 597.00    -1.65% 369.35 million 607.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 598.50    1.44% 59.70 million 590.00
FORTUNA 86.00    1.78% 4.30million 84.50
COMMERCIAL BANK 3929.00    0.33% 191.61 million 3916.00
NWR 78.50    0.64% 16.40 million 78.00
ORCO 65.00    -0.91% 0.15 million 65.60
PEGAS NONWOVENS 526.00   1.74% 1.22 million 517.00
PHILIP MORRIS CR 11,565.00    -0.73% 9.70 million 11,650.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 320.00    1.27% 121.58 million 316.00
UNIPETROL 168.50    0.90% 44.99 million 167.00
VIG 984.50    1.03% 1.10 million 974.50
TOTAL   846.52 million

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The main economic news and comments

ČEZ on Thursday published the results for 4Q, waiting ...

HC2 results for 4Q without major surprises, ...
CETV shares after results for r.2012 loses nearly 9%

CME is still struggling with the largest customers
Erste tomorrow 28.02 announce the results for 4Q12 - waiting ..
EUR / GBP without a clear direction, retailing in the UK grew ..
Japanese currency after falling further speculation about a new
PMCR surprised their cigarettes more expensive and more than ...
debt crisis
Bersani: Grillo should show their ideas and how ..
Italian - yet not so big - problem
What happens when the Fed stops printing money?
Bernanke defends QE, the positives outweigh the ...
U.S. - orders of durable goods in January.
Higher January new home sales in the U.S.
Eurozone - the general confidence grew in February, more than.

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ČR - souhrn 27.2. - BCPP ve víru výsledkových zpráv a očekávání, ČEZ pod 600, TO2 na 320, CETV odepisuje 9%

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