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Series about cancer: Avoid These things, if you do not have a tumor

Sad and merciless statistics most of us predicts two kinds of death. The first is a heart attack or stroke and the second just cancer. So in short, most Czechs die. But it's not just about death. Cancer in the Czech Republic during their life gets every third person. Survives her then about half of the patients.

Czech men are most at risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and women all together then cancer of the colon and rectum. According to estimates of experts would be worldwide incidence of cancer in 2030 even rise by 30 percent! Influence on apparently has the fact that many developing countries still rather moves through the development of the industry to greater wealth and prosperity. Taxes for it then it is just cancer.

The doctor is no secret that with increasing levels of life as we understand it now, and increasing incidence of cancer in the population. Indeed surround objects and effects that cancer in our bodies support.

Professionally, these substances called carcinogens. These can be chemicals, radionuclides (radiating mass), viruses, or even refer to kinds of industry, which cause people to malignancy. Cancer most often affects people in middle and old age. A considerable cause for this is that during the life gathered in their bodies too many of these "poisons".

Carcinogens are avoided during life. It was not possible, and never more so it is not possible today. Yet it is not a futile struggle. The more carcinogens and carcinogenic effects apart zapudíte, the more you eliminate the possibility of cancer.

What causes cancer?

It is not easy and it is often impossible to determine the exact cause of cancer. It is rather a big set of influences. Heredity plays an important role, or rather a genetic proclivity to cancer. With that we can do nothing, but it's good for her to know the family history and health condition monitoring. So what? Beyond that point is to keep your immune system and general health in good condition ... and avoid carcinogens.

Lifestyle, stress - in general, the cancer contributes to unhealthy, bad and hasty life full of stress. If yours is one, try to do something before it is too late. At the very least, try to at least rest more, whether you eliminate the effects of stress.

Smoking, alcohol- These are the two biggest allies of cancer. Anyone who smokes should realize that it has about 25% sure that cancer. And he should also know that there is no threat only lung cancer, but also cancers of the mouth or on the tongue. Interestingly, the emergence of this type of cancer is also supported by the concomitant use of alcohol with smoking. Carcinogenic effects are amplified so. Of course, smoking can cause cancer anywhere in the body, not only in the lungs and mouth.

Drinking regime - is important not only for your current medical condition. There is evidence that long-term lack of fluids supports the development of certain cancers. In particular, they are tumors of the colon, rectum and bladder.

Foodstuffs- Bad foods cause cancer, the good ones can help prevent it. Therefore, the composition of your diet for your body is important. The foods that help against cancer, read the article series on cancer: a large list of foods that you can save! Foods that contribute to cancer, are especially red meat, sausages, canned food, animal fats and sugar. All dieticians recommended to replace vegetable fats, wholemeal bread and flour, vegetables, fish and meat.

Moldy food - not only the species but also the quality of food plays a role. Mold in food cause microscopic fungi, which in addition to food discharge their toxins, mycotoxins.You may not immediately harm health (mostly liver, kidneys, immune system), but in the future you knead to cancer.

Underwear, bra, clothes - even though it may be surprising, tumors can also cause inappropriate clothes or too tight underwear. And for both men and women. Men causing problems too tight underwear and tight pants. Lead is to heat the testes which evolution but deliberately left out of the male body, because it does not indicate heat. This leads not only to male infertility, but also to the development of cancer.
Women may substantially harm surprisingly bra. The researchers found that women who wear bras have up to 125krát more likely to get breast cancer.Wearing a bra is a way for them three times riskier than smoking! If you need a bra, it should be ideally without bones (especially the metal) and the best sports and cotton without any bones.

Masturbation (pomáhá!) - although the results of this research, some doctors deny Australians (and others), researchers say that frequent masturbation for men is extremely favorable. The more men between 20 and 50 years of age masturbate, the more reduced the risk of prostate cancer. And it's apparently even healthier than sex because during sex from their male partners collect a number of infections. This is them at their own hand usually happen. According to the recommendations would have men in their twenties ejaculate five times a week.

HPV - this is a type of so-called "human papillomavirus". Papillomavirus that attack the human body is more than one hundred kinds. Usually with them body would advise, but sometimes Sun is these viruses cause warts to people., However, are the most dangerous genital papillomaviruses. Addition to genital warts cause cervical cancer, especially women cervix and vagina and penis cancer men. already exists for women against HPV vaccination, men must protect the condom, but even this protection is not at papillomaviruses foolproof.

Asbestos - a mineral that has the property that it is cleaved to form long thin fibers. People began to use it mainly for its fire resistance and a certain refractoriness. Later, however, found that an extremely hazardous material. Needles asbestos, people can easily inhaled, they they snap onto the alveoli and in the process around them may discover a cancerous growth.In many countries, including the Czech Republic, it is already banned asbestos.

Radon - a chemical element of the rare gases soluble in water. In locations where it occurs, can cause lung cancer. At home with the wrong base plate can be radon inside buildings literally sucked from the ground. In the Czech Republic, unfortunately, unfortunately, there are cinder blocks from the rynholecké slag, which are radioactive and can be damaging to health. Today, a similar building materials oversees the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

Cell Phones - whether mobile phones can harm people and cause cancer, scientists still disagree.In recent years, however, little has become prevalent view that yes, mobile phones have been moved because of their radiation by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in the category of "possibly carcinogenic". Last year it even stated an Italian court awarded damages when the person who supposedly due to the frequent calls grew a brain tumor. For details, see article is a tumor in the head from a mobile phone, an Italian court ruled .

Es alias emulsifiers - the Euros in food additives are used for various purposes. Foods help preserve or enhance their flavor, color and aroma. All Es are not harmful.Some of us even thrive, but others are, however, not suitable for children, the other for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and sensitive person and some hurts everybody. If you want to know the whole list of them, so you can choose better foods, we recommend web . There you will find not only a list of them, but especially as a database of dangerous and also you can download to your mobile shopping to be easier.

As already mentioned in the introduction, carcinogens is all around us wealth and you can not avoid them forever. Nor is this text in the options all malignant cancerous elements and effects on human health, describe. But it pays to follow this issue and your life accordingly and perhaps the latest scientific knowledge to arrange.We will limit the risk that we will have one doctor say, "I have bad news for you. You have cancer ..."

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