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Ministry of Finance - the number of notifications received in anticorruption lines fell last year

The Ministry of Finance has operated since 2004 anticorruption telephone line 257 043 800 and email address korupce@mfcr.cz for submitting suggestions on suspicion of possible corruption in the department. Contact line of the Ministry of Finance and e-mail addresses are part of the anti-corruption ministry, whose aim is to contribute to the creation of a social environment with limited occurrence of corrupt conduct.

Anticorruption hotline and e-mail address korupce@mfcr.cz was used in 2012 to report cases of corruption in the Ministry of Finance, ieMinistry of Finance, the financial and customs administration, the Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairs, as well as to receive information on suspicion of corruption and possible irregularities in the implementation of the programs of the European Union.

Information on anti-corruption hotline telephone number and e-mail address is assured leaflet, which is part of the message boards departmental offices. It is also published on the website of the Ministry of Finance and departmental organizations. Citizens can communicate their notifications directly to the phone line. In the absence of employee working hours and the line is routed to a voice mailbox.

All received ideas and information were recorded in an electronic database, which provides an overview of the notifications received, process and outcome evaluation.So it is not only about corruption, the contents of the notice is divided into categories of information received, which are tax breaks, subsidies, tenders, EU funds, customs, economy of municipalities, etc. The calls were also different queries and requests, often unrelated to Ministry of Finance. These notifications are recorded in other categories and handle the recommendation to contact the competent administrative authority or callers are notified of existing anti-corruption hotline. In cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior 30 4th 2012 notifiers also recommended anticorruption line 199, operated by NGO Revival, os

Investigated were not only stimuli from specific whistleblower who reported their name and contact details, but also the anonymous submission. If the notifier did not provide additional information on request to the received message, the announcement for nešetřitelnost postponed. Serious complaints were immediately transferred the Police Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crime, criminal police and investigation to verify.

The public is informed of the telephone and e-mail submissions referring to corruption through the website of the Ministry of Finance http://www.mfcr.cz/ - Links: Public \ Ministry \ Treasury \ Anti-corruption unit, which provides an overview of the number of received information and the result of their settlement.

We consider it important to emphasize that the results of the evaluation indicate not only corruption cases, but all received notices to anti-corruption hotline and e-mail address.

The table below provides an overview of notifications received in the last three years, from which it is clear that compared to 2011 the number was reduced by 17 announcement.

Table 1 - Summary of notifications received by way of providing information

Period The number of notifications of corruption hotline
(By telephone)
The number of notifications of email addresses
(In writing)
Total number of notifications
2,010 26 24 57
2,011 32 34 66
2,012 9 40 49

Source: Department 56 - Internal Audit and Inspection Ministry of Finance , updated on 28 February 2013

For the period from 1 First 2012 to 31 12th 2012 was adoptedA total of 49 notifications, of which 9 and 40 in writing, by telephone to the e-mail address. Of the total of 49 reported information, 23 anonymous, 26 reporters said their contact information. Whistleblowers preferred method of electronic communication.

Table 2 - Summary of notifications received by category of information under physical focus

Category information Number
Corruption in the Ministry of Finance 0
Corruption on the directorates of financial 1
Corruption at financial offices 3
Corruption in Customs Administration 0
Corruption at the Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairs 0
Corruption others 0
Taxation 13
Grant 2
EU funds 4
State assets 1
Tender 4
Price control 1
Customs Administration 2
Customs procedures 0
Management of Cities and Municipalities 4
Other 14

Note: The category can not be added because the information received may be classified into several categories

Source: Department 56 - Internal Audit and Inspection Ministry of Finance , updated on 28 February 2013

Table 3 - Summary of evaluation of the method of notification

Method of assessment notice Number
Confirmed 0
Partially confirmed 0
Unconfirmed 7
The survey 0
Queries 17
Referral tax or including the competent authority 20
Postponed 5



It handed over to the authorities responsible for criminal proceedings


Source:Department 56 - Internal Audit and Inspection Ministry of Finance, updated on 28 February 2013

The corruption in the Ministry of Finance, pointed out 4 of the notice that is about 1 more than in 2011. One announcement related to the Financial Directorate and three were related to the tax authorities. In substance, it was a possible connection with tax administration employees and their taxpayer during a tax advantage or processing of appeals. General conducted an investigation of the allegations of the Financial Directorate staff confirmed. One notification was given to the Police use.

Authorities active in criminal proceedings was handed four notificationie one less than in 2011. Two notifications not for the Ministry of Finance and has been categorized as others. The subject of the other two was above suspicion of corruption, tax office workers and abuse of e-mail addresses of the Ministry of Finance, consisting in sending electronic information reporting entities for conducting business elicitation of personal or business data. The address of the Ministry of Finance did not exist.

In connection with the Customs Administration adopted two announcements, one of which drew attention to the illegal production of alcohol and one expressed disagreement with the noise of the office. Notice was forwarded to the relevant department of the General Customs Directorate, which is within the scope of the solution required notice.

The largest group includes notificationtax issues, which has been a slight increase compared to 2011 by 3 stimuli. In 13 cases, was served notice of possible tax evasion and tax incentives to control. Notification of taxation was progressing through a separate department 904 - General Administrative activities financial headquarters for review and subsequent investigation by the competent tax authority. It should be borne in mind that the tax submission received will evaluate and decide how it uses or does not use in tax administration. According to the provisions of § 52, paragraph 1 of the Tax Code No. 280/2009 Coll., The officials and persons involved in the administration of taxes are bound to secrecy about what to tax administration learned about the situation of others.With this in mind, the authorities can not control the developer to provide the information obtained in the administration of taxes related to the solution of their announcement.

Interest whistleblower was recorded in EU funds. The category of EU funds was included 4 of the notice, or 3 more than in 2011. Contents were doubts about the correctness of drawing and use of EU funds. Suggestions for control of subsidies have been referred to the competent administrative authorities.

As in previous years, accepted the information that led to the financial management of municipalities, such as doubts about the GPA.

The issues of the management of cities and municipalities are subject to four stimuli. The content of these complaints dealt control department of the Ministry of Finance, under whose authority the supervision of the state over wrought review by local governments pursuant to Act No. 420/2004 Coll.

The subject of the information received inquiries and requests with a different focus. Compared to 2011, the number declined from 34 to 17 queries. Caller asked to provide a variety of information, even without any connection with the scope of the Ministry of Finance. Content was recorded mainly in the category of others. Example. it was the questions, how to file a notice on tax evasion. In reply interviewers were told that they can turn in writing directly to the local tax office and provide specific information and the causative šetřitelné suspicion of tax evasion.

In connection with the abolition of anti-corruption line 199 was registered asked how the reporting suspicions of corruption. In reply, it was recommended to turn directly to law enforcement proceedings.


Anticorruption hotline and e-mail address of the Ministry of Finance in 2012 was used, as in previous years, the handling of complaints by citizens relating to public administration. In most cases, information received directly linked to corruption, but drew attention to the possible infringement. Means of these instruments is to ensure communication between the Ministry of Finance and citizens in filing and handling complaints.

Source:Department 56 - Internal Audit and Inspection Ministry of Finance, updated on 28 February 2013 in accordance with Government Resolution No. 329 of 23 March 2009 Link to an external website

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