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Execution of pension and health insurance benefits are increasing from year to year

Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) paid 31 12th 2012 67 614 pensions is equipped execution collision. District Social Security Administration (CSSA) to conduct due execution ordered each month during 2012 crash of health insurance benefits for an average of 3,700 cases. In 2011 they were 60,874 foreclosures furnished pensions and about 3,000 cases of executions of health insurance benefits.

Execution deductions from income CSSA made only upon service of an enforcement order from the authority, which has the authority to issue it. CSSA is obliged to make deductions from income immediately upon receipt of the writ of execution. Precipitation CSSA immediately closed after the claim is paid in full, ie including interest and costs. However, if the execution is stopped, for example,on the grounds that the debtor will pay the debt by other means, the CSSA must be informed of this fact by the competent authority, usually a court or executor. In current practice, the majority of changes in pension payouts - Equipment or stop execution - is a result of technological processing pension payments realized from the 2nd Disbursement of the month following the date of receipt of the decision on the cessation or enforcement order. Deductions made after receipt of the decision to stop the execution returns to the client itself CSSA supplement form as soon as possible or directly to the competent authority.

When the device execution deductions from pension benefits or suspension is necessary to make a change in the payments of pension benefits.Generally, changes in processing payment of pension benefits depends on the date of filing and delivery stipulated payment date retirement. "In accordance with the legal provisions of the pension benefits payable in advance at regular monthly intervals for taxpayer benefits, the payment of pensions. From this fact, it also depends on the way in technological processing pension payments. Changes in payment are implemented within 2 months. Existing technologies for CSSA payment of pensions paid each month in regular pay periods over 3 million of income, "says General Director William Kahoun CSSA.

As a result of amendments to the Civil Procedure Code and the Law on Health Insurance has a new employer liability in cases where an employee is directed enforcement deductions from wages, Social Security Administration also pass relevant documents(A copy of the writ of execution, the communication of the work carried precipitation and ranking of claims) for making deductions from sickness or maternity benefits, together with the documents to calculate these benefits. If employees for part of a calendar month includes income from the employer and for part of the calendar month benefit paid Social Security Administration, the employer is also obliged to tell what part unseizable amount OSSZ not be withheld. OSSZ only after receiving all the documents that can begin to pay health insurance benefits.

"People are often afraid to come because of the execution of a payment of a pension, sickness and maternity benefits. Debtor must always remain the unseizable amount.It is a part of the wages, ie in the case of the Czech Social Security Administration paid benefits, which by law must remain on satisfying the living needs of the debtor and which can not collide, "says General Director CSSA. Unseizable amount from 1 First 2013 shall be in accordance with relevant legislation 6064, 66 CZK for compulsory and 1516, 16 CZK for each dependent.

For specific questions on execution deductions from income, clients can contact the call center for pension insurance on the phone number +420 257 062 860, with questions regarding the chance of health insurance benefits to the call center for health insurance on phone number +420 840 406 040.

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