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Especially do not let money lie, experts advise

To this amount occurs so that from the total of their monthly income deducts your monthly household expenses, such as rent money, food, toiletries and clothing, and also the so-called irregular expenses. This item counts such as vacation or money to any underpayment of energy and so on. Thus, if in the summer we go on vacation for twelve thousand crowns, are added to the monthly expenditure per household still grand.

"It is particularly important in view of the fact that the amount is not enough to burden the budget, it would be greatly to the detriment of the common needs of the family. In this case, we had the best route to saving surrendered prematurely because of unrealistic goals," says financial adviser VIP Company Partners David Kucera.

If, after the deduction of income and expenditure remain some money, we have "free cash flow" and we can start saving.

You save in case they lose their jobs short

The first type of savings that he should start creating one, the so-called short-term reserve. This should serve in the event of job loss or other complex needs a bridge, but a shorter period. The main requirement in this type of savings is time. This means that the person to immediately get your money.

For this type of savings is the easiest to choose some of the savings accounts. While these offer low interest rates, generally between 1.2 percent for banks to 2.8 percent per year in savings cooperatives, if necessary, the notice period only one day.But we have to swallow the fact that, because of inflation, which averaged around two (last year even three) percent, the money will really appreciate. We should bear in mind, however, that the money they give us some assurance on which we can rely in the future.

"It's one of the options contingency reserve in case of unexpected events. Nowadays, when we talk about overcoming inflation, it is necessary to find other ways to evaluate more money," says specialist for external communication CSOB Paul Hávová.

The amount of this reserve should correspond to at least six monthly income, but experts recommend that you create in the ideal case to twelve months. However, if a monthly saving of several thousand, there is no reason to focus exclusively on the creation of short-term reserves, which is most important, and can not start at the same time creating other types of reserves.

You save for a new car or kitchen

If a person has created a short-term or to reserve her now regularly save at least 2,000 crowns a month and still had some money left, it is time to begin to create a reservemedium. This is carried out for about five years and it can be necessary in the future to buy a new car or renovate housing. In this case, you can start looking for products that money actually multiply and collect first investment experience. Invest in fact it can be from 500 per month. Experts, however, appealed to the people to forget that investment is always associated with some risk. Combining products should thus less risky and profitable to more profitable but riskier products.

"For example, we choose conservative to mixed funds, where at least 75 percent of shares dominated bonds us in such investment portfolio consists of stabilizing element, but with a low yield. In this case, we can expect an average annual appreciation of 2.5 to four percent. Difficult in life situation can be money very quickly, usually within 14 days to choose without penalty at the current market value, "recommends Kucera.

One option is to also use building savings."The advantage of it is still interesting to evaluate and ensure the investment," explains Managing Director Richard Mares PohodaFinance with the fact that the effective úložce 1800 crowns a month so you can save up for 6 years over 145,000 crowns. The disadvantage, however, according to him, is that the money can not be selected without penalty before, as after six years. The actual disbursement of funds also usually maintained until three months after resigning.

What people should avoid are under financial advisors popular but risky investments in commodities that are creating this type of savings completelyinappropriate. Likewise, experts advise against term deposits, which are currently low interest rates.

Save, we přilepšili children or prematurely repay mortgage

The last type is the so-called long-term provisions, in whose creation can be courageous and investment savers can opt for a higher proportion of shares. If we have a monthly free cash flow of at least 5,000 crowns, we can afford to create this reserve simultaneously with previous types of provisions. If you already have a reserve short-term, the better, since you can invest five hundred.

In the case of long-term provisions, however, rule on the distribution of risk. "Clients have the opportunity to invest funds from the more conservative ones to share that reward for greater risk-taking offer the possibility of higher returns," explains Hávová.

Participation shares in the portfolio in the event of long-term reserves should be at least 25 percent. Dynamic access equity funds is bringing to eight percent remuneration. For long-term reserves may also use and investment in commodities such as gold, oil, etc."They would, however, be produced in total more than five percent of the total funds invested," said Kucera.

Amounts 5,000 crowns and higher is possible to invest in hedge funds for example. "We offer our clients a variety of structures and themes, such as the recent fund, which invests in companies of food industry, beverages and tobacco," he adds Hávová. Secured funds is guaranteed that at least the money invested is lost.

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