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Folk Board: What it takes for a hangover or fever?

Before Ibalgin came on the market, our grandmothers were treated disease or various herbs suitable food. Maybe it would not be bad sometimes give their advice.


Chocolate is not only good for the nerves, but dark even cough. Doctors found that the substance theobromine, which contains pomlsek, occupies a cough and has no side effects. Extra pounds do not count ...

If you cough wakes from sleep, take a bedtime two teaspoons of honey with 500 mg of vitamin C for half an hour before bedtime.Honey is excellent for the treatment of pediatric cough and also promotes sleep. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system in turn, informed the server Vyš


Fatal disease in seven men he gets poison life and most people she meets at least once every winter. Make a tea with lemon and honey, rinse and saline nose. If you zastydlou cold, mash boiled potato and still warm enclose it in a napkin on his forehead.

Pain in the neck

Although it is not any good, but it also drives the devil from the body. Make a cocktail of six pressed garlic cloves and hot water. While the party does not fit, but if you gargle twice a day for three days, you will be able to go back to the party. Garlic has antimicrobial properties and combats pain, caused by bacteria.


Tea of ??lime blossom stimulates the hypothalamus to better control body temperature. In addition, dilates blood vessels, so it supports sweating. And how do you cook miracle drink? One teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of boiling water, steep for 15 minutes.Drink four times a day. If that does not work, swallowed the aspirin and seek medical advice.


Try magnesium (200-400 mg). Reduces muscle tension and spasm, which may as unpleasant pain. It works, however, mainly as a precaution, and if you have kidney problems, consult your doctor first.

Further saving can be chamomile or meadowsweet. Pour herb liter of water, let steep for five minutes. Within an hour, the pain should retreat. If you have severe migraines, try tea made from willow bark.


Although it is not a disease, but at that moment a man feels that he is dying. Can heal you of chamomile tea or peppermint to soothe an upset stomach.

If you already pre expect that the party will be more difficult, take a vitamin B before leaving and more when you return. Swallow him a pint of water and the next day you will feel better than the last Party.

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