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End to further dictator Although nowadays, and the other day will lie in a jungle of important data (meeting of central banks, ECB, BoE, BoJ, BoC, further U.S. labor market, euro area GDP ...), yesterday's report on the death of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chaves pointed out that the face of the world gradually changing. While the developed world is flooding the media and their head voters administrations of all possible crises (financial, economic, debt) and the major combatants against the crisis, in the developing world is fun. Modes arise and padaj. The Arab Spring has brought about the end of corrupt dictators supported by the West and in their place are coming Islamic dictators.These have taken place in Egypt, and something similar is happening Give or even Libya or Syria. Episode with Mali (the attempted coup in the north country) shows that even sub-Saharan Africa is not stable and is being moved here militants from Afghanistan or Libya to usurped power from weak governments (such as the Mali was sponsored by France, whose colonies Mali to 60 . was even years). Mali is in certain matters, like in Syria. Until now, there was venal and weak president supported the French. Tuarégovia you wanted to upstate up their own state, nor received support from neighboring countries, not even from the other States. Anyway here there are other Arab forces from militatných džihádistov of Libya (Gaddafi's former allies) who krompáčom rozbíjajú UNESCO monuments - for God is great, after umiernenejších Muslimswhile all those they know to unite against the French intervention (France took just for who he understood that he must intervene), but together they do not have to clarify that as you want in this country to govern. And even are fighting against each other. Similarly, it is in Syria, which has also disappeared from headlinov, but the situation is not resolved at all. Fighting against the dictator Assad broad coalition forces, which consists of people who want democracy, then so are they are, what they want to form a Muslim democracy and there are so are also wanting to impose Islamic Sharia law and shoot everyone who has liked this. We all match it, that Assad has gone. And he shall go forth. But then remaineth power vacuum, and it is an opportunity for kadekoho. Especially for the one who is ready.Tuarégovia rehearsed a coup in Mali even in times, when we believed the euro zone, the ECB is independent guardian of monetary stability and that the eurozone works.

Something similar, though perhaps not as dramatic risk also in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez before the 20-imi years previously attempted a military coup against President Perez. It did not work and in prison pobudol two years. He made six years after the first coup attempt won the election and has since reigned. It has become a model for several South American socialist government. Who did not win the election in 1998, the left should have a problem in South America. After it started Chavezom's victory inspired ľavičiari win elections in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru. He was inspired by the next great leader of, leader of Cuba's Fidel Castro.His rhetoric was strongly anti-American, despite the fact that in the capitalist U.S. exports 40% of its exports to China only 10%. Page averted revolution is, of course blends well with domestic diesel industry. Chávez won the election in 1998, at that time culminated in indigenous production. When power was 14 years, production has fallen by one-third. Oil is used as a support tool for socialist friends in the neighboring countries (passing below the price) and of course the mitigation of potential domestic unrest. So that everything was in order, he entered into the Petroleum Industry States, especially after protestoch personnel who are displeased that the im remesla they care to government officials.Finally, Chavez nationalized the entire sector (which constitutes 18% of GDP and 95% of exports landscape) and enforced that in any project in the country PdSVA state law must have at least 60% of the shares. Some of the companies have agreed (Chevron, Shell), others have been vyhodené (Total, Eni). The cessation of capital flows, inflation of nearly 30% in 2010 already belongs to the socialist folklore. Anyway, Venezuela's economy thanks to high oil prices is not entirely rozvrátená.

Now you within 30 days of new elections will take place, and I will not go only about regional issues, but Venezuela is again I'm old and great power, that will be slop, who will be more matey. Chavez in October 2012 won the company its third presidential election (he extended the mandate for 7 years), his main adversary was the 40-year-old Henrique Capriles Rakonski, politician and lawyer, the youngest of their timeMember of Parliament. He was present at the time by quite reasonable ideas that Venezuela would be confined subsidized exports of oil to Cuba and Nicaragua and limit their contacts with Iran. Should it be came to lead the country, it could mean a positive change routing landscape.

Market at the end of the Chavez administration reacted very, Brent has grown slightly. The more interesting developments during the elections. Today's trading is borne by the sign of the continuation of growth shares (yester good sample data of surveys and the ISM PMI sector nevýrobného Germany and the USA). Headlinom be today's main data of ADP, which is pending somewhat weaker result than in January. It can be expected that the results will help the weaker precious metal and weaken the shares, the stronger the contrary.

U.S. stocks before they market data on new maximách, although it would fit a correction gains, whom we have over 1536, the correction can not be no question. Who we are over the near term outlook for 1520 is The growth, RESISTANCE at the 1547th

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