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Czech republic  |  March 11, 2013 17:42:05

Prague wants to prostitution to make a craft that will be taxed

"Such a business could operate only by a person older than 18 years, voluntarily, and would also have to prove medical fitness. Such a permit should issue the relevant local authority and restore should be about every three months," said one of the creators of the bill, Prague councilor Luke Manhart (TOP 09). List of authorizations would be accessible to the public.

Towns and municipalities should simultaneously power to decide whether to allow their territory brothel or not, and their work could be checked.

The Czech Republic has no law regulating prostitution would not. Critics talk about the fact that such a law would practically legalized prostitution. But it refuses Manhart. "Prague is not legally able to regulate prostitution outside public spaces," he said.

Prostitution, there was, is and will be, the neglect nothing changes, says councilor. "Disable something that does not exist, can not, we must first enact this phenomenon, just so we get control over it," said Councilman words first Deputy Mayor Tomas Hudecek (TOP 09).

The law aims to protect the health of persons engaged in particular prostitution and clients. "We also want to protect morality, public order and security. Law should also resulted reduce crime related to prostitution. Examples of such trafficking, corrupting the morals of youth, pimping and more," said Hudeček.

The capital city of Prague is currently under councilors about a hundred brothels and prostitution operates about ten thousand people. "These people would have according to our proposal to levy taxes, health and social insurance.Certainly we do not want these people to sign a contract for labor-law relationship with the owners of public houses. In such cases, the owners have to pay the rent, "said Manhart. Much money could into government coffers through taxes to come, but could not tell Manhart.

Prague has big problems with public houses, particularly in its center, namely in the street in Smečkách at the Wenceslas Square. "If the law is approved, we will be able to reduce the number of such devices," said Manhart with the fact that only in this street are four public houses.

Draft, in which a group of experts working for over a year, now must go through the legislative wheel at City Hall. After approval by the city council should get the proposal on the national level, and decide it parliamentarians. "I already support of Members TOP 09 or ODS.If I had to speak specifically and their support we have already stated the Mayor of Prague 2 Jan Černochová (ODS), "Manhart said in conclusion.

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