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Office, which reveals the theft of state money, now himself is suspected of tunneling

According to the CPI office does not respond to the offer reduced rents. Still makes 45 million a year to the CPI to fall to 19.9 million with the fact that it is willing to go down to 16.7 million a year. According to the CEO of Zdeněk Havelka the new menu SAO did not respond and try to push insisted option of buying or building after the bankrupt company Sazka. Here, the purchase price amounts to 300 million, will also need to invest in modernization, however SAO works with the fact that the state will have its own, permanent building.

CPI argues that SAO submits Surveillance Committee of the House purposefully not collecting information in order to purchase the building Sazka looked like the most economical and effective solution.

"I think there is preparing a huge tunnel and robbery in broad daylight. Instead SAO landlords took advantage of the complicated situation in the market and pushed for better conditions and wants to choose the least convenient and least economical solution," inquired CEO Havelka.

SAO prepared a report for the Czech Technical University in Prague. It operates with the variant that would use half the capacity of the office building Sazka, because the whole is necessary for the SAO unnecessarily large. Report itself points out that half the costs are theoretical constructs: if it were necessary to modernize, it is not possible to do technical variation only in the middle of the building, repair must be whole. Likewise, the state would pay for the whole building. Half of the building and could then take advantage of any other state institution, so you can not talk about, that the costs incurred in returning the form of rent from a private partner.

"The last offer in February of this year to extend the lease of premises SAO sounded to 19.9 million per year. SAO it still remained silent and the Audit Committee and the government acts as if the offer did not exist. Due to possible reduction of leased space we got up at an annual rent of 16.9 million. SAO is obviously very good tenant and is in a situation where you can basically dictate terms. Why not use this role and instead choose the most expensive option, it is possible to speculate, "suggested Havelka.

Some highlights inconsistencies and expertise CTU: for example regarding estimated capital and investment costs. These are the three offers to purchase property in Prague Marina Office Center, Building Sazka and Office Center SAP. For SAP and Sazka warn experts from CTU that the numbers do not match reality."The report has been prepared for SAO apparently without knowledge of state structures and equipment assessed objects (for objects and SAP bets). Believe that the cost of replacement, repair critical technologies and major repairs are significantly underestimated," the report warns.

Advantageous offer is not taken a back seat just in case the lease. If SAO seeks to purchase their own permanent seat, the best SAP and Sazka, Prague Marina in judgment has much higher numbers. The purchase price SAP is 240,425,000, 300,000,000 at the stake. SAP's acquisition of the building according to expertise a mere two million better - in the long-term economic ten years - than to remain a tenant in Holešovice.

Sazka then paid only half the theoretical use, though, it is not possible to pay only half the price and half modernize the property. Calculated on rent situation is the same: the SAP for the 25.5 million a year for 53,600,000 Sazka - under realistic offer to 19,900,000 Sazka gets only hypothetical halving, when the sum paid 18.3 million.

Time for decision are not running out, SAO Holešovice lease expires on 30 September this year. If they select building to remain legal wrangling about whether the Authority shall proceed in accordance with the law, it may happen that he has no choice than at least temporarily extend the existing lease. SAO Vice President Miloslav Kala pointed out that it is necessary to take a decision and plan financial performance in mid-April. Then it will not be realistic office move without failure occurred in his work.

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