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Monetary bypass U.S. stocks yesterday, despite fundamentálnemu vacuum made a new peak (DJIA even tweaked the historical record). The reason they are still a good number doznievajúce labor market prospects of the U.S. and especially good to put on this week (consumer trust, retail sales). Therefore action while ignoring the fact that their profits for 1Q2013 be existent under estimates lower than in 4Q2012, although a few weeks ago is still waited to be higher. Traders, however, do not let them spoil the taste and so potiahli shares was up only of good habit. One day, we will again see a panicked sell-out, with no reason to suspect it additionally finds.Now, rather conquer fears that traders nezarobia the growth of the shares, so all skupujú drops.

Given that yesterday and today is anything fundamentally dokopy neudialo (except for today's relatively good auctions of Spanish and Italian orders), we can let you disassemble the head, what is happening and would become of. Economic data from the euro area are very weak, and manufacturing industries of Germany for January were disappointing. The German government, however, recovery is expected in 1Q2013 and subsequent reflection, smth, in view of data and manufacturing PMI marcového nevýrobného sector can be trusted, even data from the labor market of Germany were good (decrease in the number of unemployed). In addition, the Germans had talked in the fall that the economy will sag badly at the end of 2012, and even more were more pessimistic than it was reality. Therefore have their predictions of any weight.Tragikomickejšie however, is that this same scenario (a reflection of the economy) expects the entire euro zone with which this is so from nine to five and the periphery is nice, France also added that on their deficits or rather not mention. Unemployment is the second strongest economy in the euro area is at 13-yearly maximách. The tragic economic data from the UK was also added, which orders the manufacturing sector is in contraction, indicating that in the manufacturing sector PMI data and, behold Industry of today's production.

What is the answer supreme Politburo Brussels and London? Well the Japanese way. New Chapter incentives. Until now, the solution to the crisis failed. The government is taxing everything he is on the way if it is to continue moving the way it regulates and more when it stands up, so it must be stimulated.The government is thus trying to show voters nature and that everything is actually going to instruct him without it nothing works. This procedure obviously misguided destroys the economy, which is the first living organisms companies and individuals, and not supercomputer. And since the economy receives a tax on bench wounds and then kicks the fiscal and decided to stagnate. However, this can not be, even if we have to grow what was, not a step backward. Zero rates do not function displaced boost liquidity smack it up Said stock markets and the economy, we would like minerals (flax growing debt and unemployment). So we need to somehow get those monies into the economy. Some bypass heart after myocardial economy (banking industry). Since the banks have their interests (and economic growth does not belong among them), you'll need money to get another channel.IMF says about the revision of the plan of Chicago (un fractional reserve system and give money directly to people), the ECB is increasing pressure on lending to small and medium sized enterprises (ensured by the ECB) and the BoE have some time to work program Funding for lending thus encouraging banks to loans of residents . You are talking about the new objectives for BoE, certainly not to the termination of stimulus. On the contrary.

Governments still think, that the formation of values ??and trade I can manage some central policies. Instead of creating a stable environment where you can be in business, trade, and create values ??that the real economy is fighting with the army of bureaucrats who seek to stimulate the economy through increasing its influence.Well this is what I will not go and will go through incentives and Helicopter Ben Bernanke (zhadzovanie money from a helicopter) does not fix it, just give it the final blow to an economy of grace through disruption monetary system. Politicians, however, are convinced that they can not err and always will seek to convince all that are needed and without them you can not. Hopefully, in this effort nenarobia too much damage and one day you realize that less (incentives and taxes) is more. And that will apply the rule that politicians shall do the right thing when it will fail all the other options.

The market is just beginning to wake precious metals and Outlets after the big correction of the sketches and at least modest growth. Shares consolidates waiting for an excuse to further movement.Today nečakáme not great fundamentals, the nearest important postings will be Tomorrow's Retail data revenues in the U.S., where a pending even stronger growth than in January.

Said baby survived even jastrabejšiu FOMC (corrected dovish Bernanke), etc excellent data from the labor market, it is what we have waited even happened. After maneuvered from the commercial zone and overflow skúpení breakthrough will come up. Nothing is worse because it could happen to gold and has a big slump. Accordingly, the technical correction in place. And in the future we will see, or do not start people tell over the price of an ounce of gold even when you will have enough political effort to get the money wherever their needs in an amount in which they see fit.

The first objective of the 1593 gold reached, we prefer buying up declines and goal at the 1600th Slide the 1585th

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