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Smart accounting for companies and the self-employed?

Are you self-employed or a company looking to market affordable tool for streamlining their own business? To exhibit documents quickly and to have clear information and documents for the tax?

Experience shows that the entrepreneurs themselves and self-initially before giving a complex accounting program prevail only software on the original invoices or tracking orders and movement in warehouses. The rest of the economic agenda of using the services of an external accountant.

The very use of unilateral program will soon be its insufficiency. Mostly absent so important directory, consistency and overall procurement documentation.Suddenly initially rejected complexity seems the only way to go.

The friendly and smart program
Looking to market affordable tool for streamlining their own business? To exhibit documents quickly and to have clear information and documents for the tax? You need software that is not just an accounting program? Try AdmWin economical software that is smart and user-friendly.

You choose your preferred setting lines of text invoices, price lists of works and services that are repeated. For further work with them are already set and you can only choose.

Simply check the Material or goods. An overview of when and from whom it was purchased or to whom sold or as consumed.

Also, the establishment of stock cards is not difficult. If you enter only the number and descriptive name, other data are automatically refilled it. Just assign it to record the purchase, sale, or contract. With the card lists, you will immediately see the stock at the warehouse and receiving order is registered by checking only the supplied goods.

Whenever you have a current overview of all orders, dodejkách, invoicing and payment. In addition, you can continuously monitor and evaluate the overall profitability, or profitability of individual events. Based on this information, you can specifically plan and make the right economic decisions throughout the year. Not know the evaluation of your business until the end of the billing period from an external accountant.

Tax, depreciation, double-entry accounting
Keeping track of all income and expenditure, including VAT it pays. Do you know the profitability, but also a refund or transfer obligations VAT calculation of income tax and so important basis for reporting health and social insurance. And all without having to make accounts.

Documents and their inventories are at the end of accounting or tax advisors to review and also to build and filing income tax.

Advantageous is the ability to complement any depreciation and dissolution of the lease. Sami can in the preliminary calculation of income tax deductions and take into account the usable tax credits and model the impact on their own tax liability, legal or self-insurance.

Forget the preconceived notion that double-entry accounting is a very complex matter. Certain skills need - in particular, that every phenomenon in business is assigned a number to the account chart of accounts that you select from a descriptive list. Principles of duality will then monitors program itself, as well as drawing up final income statement and balance sheet.

In firms where the same action is repeated again and can be set AdmWin automatic billing documents unattended. Accounting remain remaining documents which are not subject to normal business activities.

Intuitive and versatile AdmWin

Accounting program AdmWin   is a smart, versatile and intuitive. Large coherence between its logs will accelerate administrative activities and bring a lot of information.

Accounting program AdmWin   is characterized by large equipment for the processing of orders and already in its standard version. Therefore, the user only company in the field of retail and wholesale trade and bookkeeping. AdmWin services using larger companies in the construction, installation works, services and repairs.

Many garages prefer AdmWin over other programs for its special superstructure which tracks information on the individual vehicle and its condition at the time of maintenance and repairs performed on records stored tires and more.

AdmWin you in the overall operation of the company saves time and prevents errors arising from the evidence in more places.

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