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SaxoTrader: From slender beginnings to world-class

Kim Fournais, co-founder and CEO of Saxo Bank .

Saxo Bank since the establishment of their own IT departments in the nineties has come a long way. Pioneers in online trading then were companies like E-Trade and Datek that traded U.S. stocks.

At that time, most of the shops in the world markets was conducted over the phone, with rare exceptions trading platforms. However, these focus on only one product and the operation was costly. Internet trading multiple products through a single platform was not possible at all.

Private individuals, family businesses, small and medium-sized hedge funds and asset managers have access to global capital markets only through phone and overpriced services and products.

This dozajisté changed and I think thatSaxo Bank has had the major share of this change through SaxoTrader .

Everything we do at Saxo Bank, is focused on developing the best tools for reliable trading on world markets at any time and anywhere.

For a long time it was trading on world markets, mainly due to the large býčímu trend in equity markets, guaranteed way to wealth.

Before the dotcom bubble, and even before the financial crisis in 2008, investors accustomed to a certain extent, to capitalize on their local equity and bond markets.

However, this changed!

Share prices can go down as well, however. The first, who thus came across the Japanese investors. Nikkei peaked over 40,000 points in 1990. About 18 years later in 2008 fell to the lowest level so far 7000 points. Currently around 12,250 points.

index nikkei SaxoTrader: Od útlých počátků ke světové extratřídě

Other investors were from the year 2000 witnessed volatile markets with large declines. In 2000, S & P 500 rose to the level of 1550 points. In 2002, on the contrary, looked up to the 760th In 2007, rising again, up to the limit of 1575 points, only to about two years later fell to 665th Now, however, again attacking the border 1555 points.

sap index SaxoTrader: Od útlých počátků ke světové extratřídě

Not surprisingly, long-term investors earned on this swing. The fact is that most likely experienced, and if not for the markets and buy pills nervous system depressants, which interfere with unexpected market disruptions.

I mention this because the permanent growth stocks is not a law of physics. Despite the unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, it is important to trade on all key capital markets. It is known that different assets have different Timer economic cycles.

In other words, if you have the option to trade in the world markets of all major geographic regions of stocks, bonds, light commodities, precious metals, energy and currency assets using various cash assets, leverage instruments, futures, options, CFDs and then you have the best trading platform for reliable, anytime, anywhere.

This is a very powerful combination, reflecting the approach, with whom Saxo Bank's approach to things.

If you take into account the community of traders, educational opportunities, information, inspirational forum, risk management tools, automated options trading based on the strategies of successful traders and you have the best platform in the world.

The Saxo Bank will continue to listen carefully to the growing ranks of gigs from our community of active traders and investors. We continue to develop and innovateSo that we can maintain our position at the forefront of trading and investing in world markets.

For us it is important to mediate and create new opportunities for our clients.

Of course, we can not guarantee that you make the right decisions. However, we will do everything possible to correct these decisions have the best tools, the most important information and reliable access to the execution of these decisions on the world markets.

This attitude enforce both professional traders and private sector investors. However, we focus on investors with long-term approach to investing their assets.

You can look forward to lots of new tools and inventive approaches to global traders. About our new activities we will continue to inform you on the website

In 2013, start the new tools that will further enhance our platform integrated products. In addition, we are preparing new approaches in order to get inspiration and new ideas in the world of trading, particularly in areas such as risk-management.

Even now I'm looking forward to have the pleasure to introduce you everything going. Meanwhile, you can use the time to become familiar with the platform and explore all of our services and products.

They're going to very interesting things.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact Rune Bech, who leads and many other digital initiatives at Saxo Bank, NA .



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SaxoTrader: Od útlých počátků ke světové extratřídě

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