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Weekend sleep can destroy you! We know how to get rid of insomnia

Today is the official day of sleep. What do you slept well and what are the biggest thieves of sleep that we asked Dr. Martin was wrong.

What should we do so we slept well?

Certainly follow the Ten Sleep, sleep hygiene basics. These are the basic rules to make sure we slept well. Most importantly, we walk at the same time sleep and wake up at the same time, whether it is Monday or Sunday. Regularity is very important.

The fact that over the weekend, many people like to contribute is going wrong?

He does this about most people, but it's wrong. When the body from Monday to Friday will get used to something, so I expect that it will be on Saturdays and Sundays.

How long should we sleep?

Length of sleep should be such that in the morning we were rested and slept, in order to feel good. This feeling has to persist throughout the day. Generally it is said that it should be around 7, 8 hours. Textbooks give 4-9 hours of sleep.

If you can not sleep at night, what do we do?

Mostly to blame a stressful influences. Be professional, medical or personal life. This stress causes insomnia. If it happens once, so there is recommended to take a sleeping pill. If it takes longer, it is appropriate to seek expert. This should identify the causes of insomnia.

It is better to take a sleeping pill or choose to be herbal tea?

First of all, one should keep sleep hygiene. If that does not work, I prefer a doctor medication. The effect of these is known. Against proven herbal preparations, but I have nothing.If it works, why not.

What Czechs prefer?

Generally choose from simple to more complex. First they go to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist will recommend them often balm or hops and the like.

Czechs sleeping well?

We sleep on it just like other Europeans. According to a representative survey, which was carried out ten years ago, we sleep just like people elsewhere in Europe. This indicates that, with insomnia have problems 30% of people.

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