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Survive the day CZK 100: cottage toast and sausages with mashed fill you up

The most important rule to be followed is to avoid paying for services but for goods. That is, the more the you produce themselves, the better.

The second rule is that it should be a hearty breakfast and lunch mostly. The dinner was just the soup. But of course you have to take into account what you are released per day physical exertion.


Day we can begin a healthy and hearty breakfast energy - we'll have oatmeal with milk. It is also everything you need. And of course, the preparation is easy. Do naspyte oatmeal bowl and pour the milk.

Oatmeal (150 g) - 8 CZK

Milk (200 ml) - 3 CZK


Total 11 CZK


For lunch today to prepare delicious cottage toast. We will need a few slices of bread. It does not matter if there will be several days old and hard. In addition, we prepare tartar sauce or mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, garlic, two eggs, onion, soup seasoning and cooking oil.

The Heat a skillet to first oil to 120 degrees Celsius and fry the bread slices on both sides. When you have finished toast, put them aside on a plate. On a hot pan, then fry the two eggs.It would be better if the cover with a lid. But do not add any salt or other additives.

Brush garlic bread to your liking, you can also drizzle soup seasoning magi. Toasts then lubricate the mustard, they lay eggs and lightly rub mayonnaise or tartar sauce. On top you can add chopped onion and a little ketchup. Enjoy your meal!

Spoon soup spices magi - CZK 1

Spoon Tatarka - CZK 1

Spoon mustard - 1 CZK

Tablespoons ketchup - 1 CZK

Oil & nbsp; - CZK 1

2 slices of bread - CZK 4

1 clove of garlic - about 2 CZK

2 eggs - 8 CZK

1 onion - 2 CZK

-------------------------------------------------- -
Total 21 CZK


For dinner, we can give necessary sausages with mashed potatoes. We will need one pair of arbitrary sausages, a few potatoes, milk, salt and a little butter.

Wieners knows how to heat up the water about anyone about it, so we will not describe them. Perhaps only one advice: Do not forget them! Could you explode. The preparation of mashed potatoes it will be a little difficult but nothing you can not handle. First, scrape the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Then boil in salted water and do not worry it is still too overcook. Porridge will then be better to create. Do mashed potatoes pour about 200 ml of milk, add a handful of salt and a tablespoon of butter. Mix everything well and paying attention to the mess leaving any lumps.After mixing, let stand for a few minutes to mush and you can serve with sausages.

Potatoes (200 g) - 6 CZK

Milk (200 ml) - 3 CZK

Frankfurters (2 pieces) - 15 CZK

Butter (tablespoon)

Salt (teaspoon)


Total CZK 24

Prices are always mentioned in relation to the required amount.


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