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Diabetes threatens you? Read the signs and take a test

There are two types of diabetes. In the first case the disease breaks out most often in childhood, and there's nothing you can do about it - mainly caused by genetic disposition. The body produces insufficient amounts of insulin.

Diabetes of the second type, however, it can not only blame congenital conditions, even though it plays a role. It occurs mainly in obese people, especially in adults over thirty years. Most recently beginning to suffer from it but also corpulent children with lack of exercise. Main causes are thus three: obesity, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle. It follows that the method of prevention.

What are the symptoms? If the blood glucose level exceeds 10mmol / l, it is a diabetic. Type 2 diabetes type is accompanied by a lot of characters, but not too specific. These include blurred vision, thirst, itching, fatigue, skin infections, and slow healing of wounds, including leg pain unpleasant tingling feet. People also suffer frequent urination.

How do I cure it? There is a need to move and start to lose weight. It also serves oral agents that increase tissue sensitivity to insulin.Reduced sensitivity of the body tissues to insulin is precisely the cause of diabetes of the second type. Board also diet, at which limit the amount of calories, carbohydrates and fats. Neither the amount of protein should not be too big. On the contrary, will increase the supply of fiber.

TEST: There 2 diabetes type to you?

How old are you?

Less than 35 ... 0 points
35-44 years ... 1 point
45-54 ... 2 points
55-64 ... 3 points
More than 64 ... 4 points

Do your relatives diabetes?

No ... 0 points
Yes, distant relatives ... 3 points
Yes, my parents or siblings ... 5 points

What is your waist circumference?


Less than 80 cm ... 0 points
80-88 cm ... 3 points
More than 88 cm ... 4 points


Less than 94 cm ... 0 points
94-102 cm ... 3 points
More than 102 cm ... 4 points

Spend 30 minutes a day actively moving?

Yes ... 0 points
No ... 2 points

How often do you eat fruit, vegetables or dark bread?

Every day ... 0 points
Every day, no ... 1 point

Do you take medication for high blood pressure?

No ... 0 points
Yes ... 2 points

Were you ever measured a higher sugar content in the blood?

No ... 0 points
Yes ... 5 points

What is your body mass index (BMI)? Divide weight in kilograms by height in meters squared.

Less than 25 ... 0 points
25-35 ... 1 point
More than 35 ... 3 points


Less than 7 points: diabetes, you will not.
7-11 points: Slightly increased risk. Work on your lifestyle.
12-14 points: Medium risk. Reduce your weight with diet and exercise.
15-20 points: High risk. See your doctor to examine your blood sugar levels.
More than 20 points: Extreme risk. Start immediately sports, limit your intake of calories and first of all go to the doctor.

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