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The best of this year's fair Money

The second weekend in March was the Brno Exhibition Hall E money. In the second edition of the fair personal finances and personal investment opportunities prepared Money Investment busy accompanying web program. Discussed on stocks, commodities, currencies Czech pension reform. The most interesting observations and opinions panelists We offer you live on Twitter, but now you have a chance to read the most important thing in a brief summary.

Friday, the 8th March

How to invest on the Prague Stock Exchange

Tomáš Menčík, Cyrrus analyst, sees the current market situation as a perfect paradox.While the growth of the global economy is still rather modest, reaching selected U.S. stocks (headed share index Dow Jones Industrial Average) highs. Yet Menčík believes that market growth could continue for some time, the engine should be at least in the U.S. in the first place continued quantitative easing the Fed.

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The PSE Menčík investors especially recommended to monitor shares of Telefónica, Fortuny, CEZ and media CME. In the long term, sees attractive especially the last two mentioned titles.

To silence criticism of the low number of issues on the PSE tried Horová John (Secretary of the Stock Exchange Committee on Membership PSE), which stated: "The exchange currently being negotiated right now about several possible IPO." According to her words, investors may be a new title in Prague floor wait maybe this year.

What you need to know about the Prague Stock Exchange: Start, Xetra, Exchange members and market access What you need to know about the Prague Stock Exchange: Start, Xetra, Exchange members and market access PSE last year passed the Xetra trading system, which means a number of innovations. Jana ...

How to choose the best stocks

At the very beginning of the second panel received a lot of attention Apple shares, which from their highs in September fell by about 40%. Petr Fiala, investment advisor and author, and Martin Krajhanzl, equity analyst at Czech Savings Bank, for example, pointed to the fact that even the excellent economic results of the company may not cause a positive development of the price of its shares.

On the U.S. market, according to Petr Fiala have great potential shares of General Electric, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. In the case of banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, according to him, will depend primarily on the status of the dollar. "As long as the U.S. dollar strong, these titles can be expected to continue upward trend."

Investing in the foreign exchange market

On the issue of the currency market (forex) is headed by Karol Piovarcsy, director of the Czech Saxo Bank, gave the current economic and political risks in the head with the hot topic of currency wars. According Piovarcsyho reach the highest turnovers Japanese printing machine that sent the market more and more cheap yen. Consequently we can expect continued weakening Japanese currency.Many changes can be expected according Piovarcsyho even if the Fed's quantitative easing, and despite recent warnings of some members of the FOMC, it could end quantitative easing earlier than originally planned.

"In the case of Europe, will be critical recently completed Italian elections and the upcoming German parliamentary elections," said Piovarcsy. "Great support for the euro would become the creation of eurobonds. Negative, if not devastating to the contrary, Europe was divided eurozone to stronger and weaker half."

Investing in precious metals

Gold is already closed more than a year between support at 1540 and resistance at 1 800 USD per troy ounce.In the short term expect Piovarcsy and Roman Pilíšek, chief economist of gold reserves, gold remaining in the lateral trend in the next 12 months, however, both agree that we can expect growth rates.

As an alternative to investing in precious metals investors were introduced agricultural commodities, led by wheat and corn. "The development trend of prices of bulk commodities is long-term growth," said Piovarcsy. "They do not want to expose investors to the risks of investing in commodities in the agricultural sector, there is also the possibility of investing in shares of farmers and suppliers of agricultural technologies," said director of the Czech Saxo Bank.

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